Where do I buy a bus pass or bus tickets?

Bus tickets, passes and other fare products are sold at GRT Terminals -  Charles Street Transit Terminal in Kitchener, and the Ainslie Street Transit Terminal in Cambridge.

Bus passes and tickets are also sold at various retail locations throughout the Region. A list of retailers that sell GRT products can be found under Buying Tickets.

Find out more about GRT Fare prices

How can I get schedules and next bus information?

There are a number of ways to get schedule information on our website.

You can plan your trip using our EasyGO Trip Planner system, next bus call or text messaging. Find out more about planning your trip with EasyGO.

For general information about our schedules please visit Routes and Schedules.

Do you have a Lost & Found area? Where can I go to get my lost item?

GRT Lost and Found departments can be found at the Ainslie Street or Charles Street Terminals. Whenever you have lost an item, you can go to the ticket booth to enquire.

Can I bring my pet on a GRT bus?pet in carrier

Small pets that are kept inside a crate/enclosure are allowed on the bus. These animals are also allowed at various terminal locations if kept inside their enclosures.

Larger dogs or other animals that could pose a threat to GRT customers are not allowed on any bus.

Service Animals

Service animals that accompany passengers with disabilities, such as guide dogs, are welcome at all public areas of the Grand River Transit system.

If you have a service animal, please remember:

  • The animal must be under your care and control at all times.
  • Service animals must not pose a risk to other passengers or to GRT operators.
  • If it is not clear that the animal is a service animal, the GRT operator might ask you for a note from a doctor or nurse stating that the animal is needed for reasons of a disability.

If you notice a service animal while using Grand River Transit, please remember:

  • Do not distract or interact with the animal. It is a working animal and must pay attention at all times.
  • Be aware of the service animal and give it enough space, and avoid stepping on the animal.
  • Remember, you are not asked to interact with the animal, but to respect the other persons need for the animal.

For more information on service animals, please visit the Region of Waterloo's website.

All persons using a service animal must meet the criteria stated in the Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Can I bring my stroller on the bus?

Yes, strollers are permitted on all GRT buses. We do ask that people refrain from using double wide or large strollers for the safety of other passengers and for proper positioning of the stroller while on the bus.

Some large strollers may be too wide or large to fit on the bus, and it may result in passengers being left at the stop.

We ask that you use smaller, umbrella type strollers as much as possible.

How can I get information about advertising on GRT buses, bus shelters and benches?

Grand River Transit employs third party advertising companies to promote and utilize space on our buses. Find out more about advertising on our buses, shelters or benches by visiting our advertising page.

Do GRT vehicles have air-conditioning?

Yes, all GRT vehicles are equipped with air conditioning in the summer and heating for the winter. Whatever the weather is outside, we can set our buses to the perfect temperature.