GRT Thank You's

GRT is a team of dedicated professionals who take pride in delivering safe, efficient and progressive transportation that strives to improve the quality of life for everyone in the Region. Here are some of the compliments and thank you's we've received from our riders. 


I had a great day out with my mom. Haven't been able to shop or go for lunch with her in a year. Thank you MobilityPLUS - what an amazing driver! They were incredible.  It was my mom's first trip on a bus. He made it so easy and fun for her. He had a British accent I think and a pony tail. He is someone that loves his job.

Just wanted to tell you that the Driver of the #9 to UW today was awesome. The bus was nearly full and he could have very easily just drove by, but he stopped and applied his good judgement. He not only encouraged people to move back and take less space, but was also very smart about it. Hats off to him! Hope you let him know his work was appreciated in getting students to class on time.

As my daily morning commute is coming to an end this coming week, I want to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for a wonderful GRT employee. I don't know his name but he was driving the 7 mainline that left Uptown Waterloo at 6.35 a.m.  Every morning I take the bus from Uptown Waterloo to the Kitchener train station and most bus operators look tired and expressionless, and justifiably so because it is just way too early in the morning. But not this guy. Always friendly and ready with a smile and good morning. It really makes a difference to my morning journey and I am always happy when I see him in the mornings.

We had a great driver on Bus 22, leaving the terminal at 8:25 a.m. Great driver and super nice and friendly guy. He is aware of his surroundings and is always nice. Thank you.

We rode the #52 bus route after an evening at Concordia Club. Our driver made a call while waiting at the Fairview and she was given permission to drive us to our hotel rather than wait the 25 minutes required. We were dropped off and she returned to continue the route. We did not get her name but would like to thank her and all the other GRT personnel that made our trip home safe and enjoyable.

I telephoned, this morning, and spoke with Katie. What a wonderful asset to your organization. My husband had developed dementia and has had his driver's licence taken away. He has never taken the bus. I was able, with Katie's help, to find the most direct routing for him. Katie is knowledgeable, friendly and was immensely patient with all of my questions. I really appreciated her warmth and understanding. Thank you. 

I sincerely appreciate the driver of the 7A, Bus No. 703, southbound going through Uptown Waterloo around 7:27. The driver has a commitment to service that went well beyond the demand of his profession. He thanked individuals for adhering to common transit courtesies such as ringing the bell for their stops. He also was well aware of his timing waiting for customers when appropriate while still maintaining the timeliness of his route. I would like to commend him on his commitment to excellent customer service!