GRT 2017-2021 Business Plan

Thank you for your feedback

Thank you for providing your comments on the proposed 2017 service plan, the planned 2018 and 2021 transit network, the new electronic fare system and the integration of ION into the GRT network. The Proposed Service Plans are subject to Regional Council approval.

Proposed Service Maps

2017 Service Plan: New Ottawa iXpress Map

2017 Service Plan: Additional Improvements Map  

2018 Transit Network Map

2021 Transit Network Map

Integration of ION into the GRT iXpress Network Map

New Directions

An interim report on GRT's 2017-21 Business Plan was presented to the Planning and Works Committee of Regional Council on August 9, 2016.

The Regional Transportation Master Plan (RTMP) outlines a transportation network with transit at its core. The RTMP includes ridership targets of 28 million rides annually by 2021 and 53 million rides by 2031. GRT's 2017-2021 Business Plan maps out how we will improve our transit system over the next five years to meet those ridership targets.

Investing in transit benefits all residents in our communities. Greater transit use makes our transportation system more efficient for all users. It also supports a strong economy, and promotes sustainable development and more liveable communities.

Read the GRT Business Plan 2017-21 Interim Report here.

Next Steps

  • Fall 2016 - Public Consultations
  • Winter 2017 - Launch of Electronic Fare Card
  • Fall 2017 - Implementation of Proposed 2017 Service Plan
  • 2018 - Launch of ION LRT and Transit Network Changes
  • Fall 2018- 2021 - Implementation of Future Service Plans