University of Waterloo Transit Station

Conceptual drawing showing buses, train at proposed UWaterloo station

GRT plans to develop a new transit station that will enhance transit service integration at the University of Waterloo.

A new roadway and bus stops will be built between Phillip Street and Ring Road, opposite the Davis Centre. This will increase bus access to the interior of campus, allow GRT routes to connect directly to the new ION light rail station and provide access to new developments on Phillip Street.

In Fall 2017, five bus routes would be modified to serve the new transit station: routes 9, 13, 31, 200 iXpress and 201 iXpress. 

In early 2018, ION light rail will replace the 200 iXpress between Fairview Park and Conestoga Mall, as well as the 7D and 7E branches. Resources from the 200 iXpress, 7D and 7E will be redeployed to improve service on other routes.

The transit station will include new GRT and GO Transit stops, large shelters and realtime GRT departure information. It will also connect to the Laurel Trail, and provide a pedestrian/cycling link between Ring Road and Phillip Street.

Proposed service maps

Aerial map and conceptual drawing of proposed transit station

Current bus routing at UWaterloo

New bus routing at UWaterloo Transit Station September 2017

New bus routing at UWaterloo Transit Station early 2018

2018 UWaterloo area transit map

New routing at UW Transit Station September 2017

Map of proposed routings at UW Transit Station Sept 2017 

Once construction of the Transit Station is complete, the following routes will be modified to serve it in both directions:

  • 9 Lakeshore
  • 13 Laurelwood
  • 31 Columbia
  • 200 iXpress
  • 201 iXpress

The proposed frequency of the 201 and 202 iXpress during Fall,
Winter and Spring would increase to every 10 minutes during
morning and afternoon peak periods. This would ease crowding on

New Routing at UW Transit Station early 2018

Map showing proposed bus routings to UW Transit Station early 2018 with ION light rail 

Further GRT route changes are planned for the launch of ION light rail service, in order to restructure routes and minimize duplication with ION. 

The following route will be modified to serve the UW Transit Station in both directions:

  • 92 University Loop

Other service changes that are proposed include:

  • 200 iXpress would be replaced by ION Light Rail between Conestoga Mall and Fairview Park Mall
  • Route 7 branches (7D, 7C) that serve UW would be replaced with increased service on Route 92 University Loop
  • Route 8 Westmount and Weber branches would become part of a revised Route 12 Westmount and Route 18 Weber
  • Route 9 Lakeshore would be split into two routes, to provide more direct and frequent service
    • One route would serve the Research & Technology Park and Lakeshore neighbourhood (Route 19 Hagey)
    • One route would serve Hazel Street (Route 9 Hazel)
  • Route 29 Keats Way would become an east-west crosstown service, following the existing Route 12 alignment to Conestoga Mall via Davenport

University of Waterloo Transit Station Aerial View

Aerial map of proposed UW Transit Station

New Directions

Graphic of GRT's new directions priorities around a circle

New Directions is GRT's ambitious plan to build a better, faster transit network, centred on ION light rail, between 2017 and 2021. The plan includes six key priority areas:

  1. Seamless connections to ION light rail
  2. New express routes running on key corridors
  3. More frequent service on busy routes
  4. More direct routes supporting a grid network
  5. One system, one fare: Fast and convenient electronic fare payment
  6. More comfortable shelters, transit stations/terminals

We appreciate your input

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments on proposed routes to and the design of the new UW transit station. 


Next Steps

  • Review feedback from the public to finalize proposed routes to the new University of Waterloo Transit Station, the station design elements, and additional service initiatives over the next five years as we integrate GRT with ION.
  • 2017 Regional Budget approval in January 2017
  • Additional Public Consultation Centres on the GRT 2017 and 2018 Proposed Service Improvement Plans in Spring 2017
  • Opening of UW Transit Station in Fall 2017
  • Implement 2017 service changes in Fall 2017
  • ION launch and route redesign in early 2018

Pending Regional Council approvals.