Accessible Buses

GRT bus with wheelchair ramp downGRT's bus fleet consists of low-floor buses. They can be identified by the universal wheelchair symbol displayed on the front and sides of the bus.

This means the operator can lower the front of the bus, allowing it to "kneel." That enables passengers who have difficulty stepping on a bus to board more easily. Accessible buses also have a ramp so passengers with mobility devices such as a cane, walker, wheelchair or small scooter can board the bus on a gentle incline.

Accessible buses have Priority Seating for the use of passengers with a disability. These seats are located close to the entrance door of the vehicle and clearly marked with the Priority Seating decal.

Accessible routes and buses 

100% of our buses and routes are accessible.

For more information on low-floor buses, call customer service at 519-585-7555.  

 Closeup of wheelchair accessable sticker on GRT bus

Audio Announcements

All GRT buses are equipped with audio announcement technology to broadcast approaching bus stops. Each announcement names the bus stop and the street location.  Audio announcements help people who are visually impaired. They also allow passengers travelling an unfamiliar route to get to know the intersections.


Bus Dimensions

When attempting to board the bus all mobility aides and devices must be able to fit through the front doors.

On some buses the front doors are 40 inches wide. On all other buses the front doors are 30 inches wide. The aisles in a bus are roughly 24 inches wide.

Ramp Weight Capacity

Grand River Transit low floor buses can deploy ramps in any weather condition. The width of each ramp is slightly less than 30 inches wide and has a maximum lift capacity of 600 pounds (272Kg).

On GRT MobilityPLUS Specialized vehicles, the width of each ramp is 33 inches wide with a lift capacity of 800 pounds (364kg)

If your wheelchair does meet the width and weight requirement, there are factors such as the length and manoeuvrability of your mobility device that may affect your ability to board the bus. Once you have boarded the bus, your mobility device must be able to turn and manoeuvre into the priority seating area. If you have any concerns, please contact the customer service centre at 519-585-7555 for more information.



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