easyGo Mobile FAQ

How do I get the application?

The GRT easyGo mobile application is available for free across all smartphone platforms. You can download the latest version of the mobile application here:

Choose your platform and follow the downloading instructions in the proper app store.

How do I navigate the application?

Open the application on the mobile device. You will start from the home page where you can navigate as you please. You can navigate the following ways:

  • 'Map' feature - To see all buses and routes currently running with real-time updates,
  • 'Near Me' feature - Find a bus stop closest to your current location.
  • 'Trip Planner' feature - Links to GRT scheduled trip times 
  • 'Favourites' feature - Lets you mark your favourite stops and routes.
  • 'News' feature -   Get up to the minute news regarding all GRT operations. You will also see there is a live news feed that is located above the features on the home page.

If you click on a feature option, and want to return to the home page, you simply just have to tap the 'back' button located in the top left corner of your mobile screen. You can also click on the side bar menu, which is located in the top right corner of your smartphone screen. From here you can hit the 'Home' button to return to the home screen or click on another feature and travel to that app page.

How much data does this app use?

The amount of data depends on individual usage. A data plan is needed if using the app on the go and away from WiFi access points. It is up to the user to ensure adequate data provisions.

What information does this app require from my phone?

The app will require access to the phone's GPS.  Other than that, the app will not have any identifying knowledge or access to personal information (contact lists, video/audio etc.) other than their device ID (a unique ID given to each and every phone.) Any action taken on the device must be initiated by the app user (i.e.: the app never secretly takes control.)

Does the application use real-time or scheduled time?

The app uses a combination of both real-time and scheduled time. The first time listed is in real-time while the other two listed below are scheduled time. Once the bus passes the stop, the next scheduled time is bumped up and switches to real-time.