New Fareboxes Coming to GRT Buses!

April 11, 2016

GRT will start to install new fareboxes soon as we prepare to transition to electronic fares and launch the EasyGO fare card.

During the transition, customers may encounter both the old and new fareboxes. 

The image below highlights key information you need to know about the new farebox and how it works with GRT current fare media. Customers paying with coin may choose to print their own transfer, however please note that the tranfer button must be pushed before the last coin is dropped into the farebox. 

When the EasyGO fare card launches later this year, GRT's current fare media (including paper tickets and paper monthly passes) will continue to be available, however they will be phased out eventually.

GRT farebox with labels

EasyGO Fare Card - Frequently Asked Questions

October 13, 2015

Grand River Transit has received a number of questions about our future electronic fare card.  Here are some answers to the questions we are most often asked: 

EasyGO Fare Card - Frequently Asked Questions


Future Electronic Fare Card Named EasyGO

October 6, 2015

EasyGO Fare Card

GRT has chosen the name EasyGO Fare Card for its future electronic fare card. 

The name was chosen because it complements GRT's existing EasyGO brand of products including Trip Planner, Next Bus Text, Next Bus Call, Real-time Desktop Map and Mobile App - which all make taking transit easy.

The EasyGO Fare Card will be:

Reusable - use the card again and again for any fare type you require, whether you want to put a particular amount of money on the card or load a monthly pass -  you can do it all with one card. 

Reloadable - load value on your card as often as you need to either in person or online.

Secure - once registered, if you lose your card the value on it is protected.  

Convenient - load your card online or in person. Features like "auto-reload" - available with card registration - means you'll never have to worry about your balance running low, fumbling for change or rushing to buy next month's pass.

The EasyGO Fare Card will be available to customers in late 2016, once GRT has launched the new electronic fare system. To coincide with the launch, GRT will be working to distribute the new fare card and show customers how it works. 

The EasyGO Fare Card will be accepted as fare payment on all transportation services operated by the Region - this includes conventional buses, MobilityPLUS, busPLUS, Kiwanis, ION Bus Rapid Transit and the future ION Light Rail Transit system. 


Press Release - October 6, 2015


Electronic Fare System

August 31, 2015

The Region of Waterloo is working towards the implementation of an electronic fare system that will offer a convenient way of paying for travel on all Waterloo Region transit services including, GRT local bus and iXpress service, MobilityPLUS specialized service, BusPlus, Kiwanis, ION light rail transit and ION bus rapid transit.

The electronic fare system is expected to launch in summer 2016. It will use smart-card technology to store funds in a secure account.  Riders will be able to load value onto the card, either in person or online and then when taking a trip, they can easily tap the card on the fare card reader, located on the bus or on the train platform, and be on their way. The electronic system will automatically deduct the fare from the value stored on the card.

Successful implementation of the electronic fare system will require GRT to replace its existing fare boxes with ones capable of reading the new fare cards. That process is expected to begin in winter 2015-2016.GRT will help customers familiarize themselves with the new fare boxes and how to use them with our current fare product.

Leading up to the launch, GRT will be distributing the new fare card, assisting customers with registering it and loading their fares. GRT will also assist customers with using the new fare boxes with the new electronic fare card. The new fare box will accept smart-card payment, as well as cash payment, however they will no longer be able to accept bills. GRT will begin the transition by first replacing monthly passes with the new fare card. Eventually all GRT passes, and paper tickets will be phased out and replaced with the electronic fare card.

This new payment system will simplify paying fares across the region's transportation systems. This is of particular importance as we prepare for the implementation of ION Light Rail Transit (LRT) in 2017.