Introducing GRT's new electronic fare payment system


Girl tapping fare card on new farebox on bus

Exciting changes are coming to how Grand River Transit customers will pay to ride all our services.  We are introducing a new electronic fare payment system, in preparation for the launch of ION light rail service in 2017/2018. Once ION is operating, you'll be able to pay one fare to ride the bus or train, and transfer seamlessly between them.

With the new electronic farebox and reusable smart card, you'll be able to tap and ride GRT buses and trains. Boarding will be smoother, and paying for transit will be faster, easier and more secure.

You'll be able to add value to your EasyGO fare card in person or online right from home, and register your card so your balance is protected if your card is lost or stolen.

Fareboxes, fare card will be rolled out in stages

The transition to the new fare payment system will occur in phases, starting with the installation and testing of new electronic fareboxes on GRT conventional buses. The new fare card will be piloted with different groups of users and then rolled out in stages. The new fare card will be followed by a gradual phase out of GRT paper tickets and passes.



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Get to Know the New Farebox

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New Ticket/Transfer

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EasyGO Fare Card

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Using the New Farebox

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Farebox Video Tutorial

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Frequently Asked Questions