Get to Know GRT's New Ticket/Transfer

New ticket/transfer expiry, QR code and printing date and time

GRT's new electronic fareboxes will issue the new ticket/transfer to customers paying with coins or GRT tickets to ride the bus. A 90-minute transfer window is built into the ticket/transfer so you can transfer to another bus within 90 minutes without paying another fare. When you pay with coins or with a GRT paper ticket, you can issue your own transfer by pushing a button on the farebox. Remember to take your transfer when you board the bus!

Why is it called a ticket/transfer?

The new ticket/transfer works as a transfer on GRT buses and busPLUS services. Once our ION light rail service is operational, it will also function as a ticket/transfer to ride light rail. You'll be able to buy a single ticket/transfer to ride light rail, then use it to transfer to a bus. Or you can pay your bus fare, take a ticket/transfer and use it to transfer to light rail within 90 minutes at no extra cost. The ticket/transfer allows you to move seamlessly between GRT's different services.

How to get a ticket/transfer

To get the new transfer, insert your coins in the coin slot of the new farebox. When the transfer button turns blue, press the button for a transfer. Remember to take your transfer from the farebox!

How to use the ticket/transfer

The transfer is valid for 90 minutes from the time of printing. The expiry date and time on the front shows when the transfer expires.

The transfer scanner is located in the top right corner of the farebox. When transferring buses, scan your transfer by holding the QR code face down over the farebox scanner.

When you scan a valid transfer, wait until you hear a ding and the farebox displays "Transfer Adult". If the transfer has expired, you will hear a double tone and the farebox will display "Transfer expired". If you scan a transfer twice within five minutes, you will hear a double tone and the screen will display "Transfer not valid" the second time it is scanned.