An older coupleSeniors' Fares (age 65+)

People 65 years of age and older may purchase strips of  reduced-fare tickets or a reduced-price monthly pass for travel on Grand River Transit.

To purchase reduced-fare tickets or a monthly pass, you will first need a GRT Photo I.D. card. They are available for purchase at the Ainslie Street Transit Terminal in Cambridge and the Charles Street Transit Terminal in Kitchener. Seniors do not need to renew this card each year. Bring proof of your senior status when you come to the terminal.

Fare Prices

Buying Tickets (Fare Agent list)

Cash Fare

When paying by cash, please have the exact cash fare available when boarding the bus. Operators do not provide change.

Reduced Tickets

Save 26 per cent off the cash fare with a strip of reduced-fare tickets.

Reduced tickets are available at the Ainslie Street and Charles Street Transit Terminals, most Sobeys and Zehrs stores and many other locations across the Region.

Reduced monthly pass

The reduced monthly pass available to seniors provides unlimited ridership on all GRT routes for one calendar month.

The pass is on sale from the 20th of the preceding month until the 15th business day of the current month.

Where to buy a pass

Reduced passes are available at the Ainslie Street and Charles Street Transit Terminals and most Sobeys and Zehrs stores across the Region.

Note: Be sure to take your GRT Senior Photo I.D. card when purchasing a pass.

How to get a GRT Senior Photo I.D. Card

A GRT Senior Photo ID card can be purchased at the Ainslie Street or Charles Street Transit Terminals.

Proper use of Photo I.D. when using a ticket or monthly pass

When using a reduced ticket or monthly pass, show your GRT Senior Photo I.D. card when boarding the bus. Your pass should have the serial number of your Senior Photo I.D. card inscribed with ink, ballpoint or felt marker. The pass is non-refundable and not transferrable. GRT will not refund or replace monthly transit passes for any reason.

Claim a tax credit

Keep your expired passes so you can claim the cost as a federal income tax credit.

Day Pass- Single & Family

This Pass is a good idea for shoppers, salespeople, families or anyone taking several GRT  trips in one day.

If you travel alone, the Day Pass- Single, allows unlimited rides in Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo for one day.

If you are travelling with family on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the Day Pass- Family, allows unlimited rides to the following families:

  • 1 adult + up to 4 children under 18 or
  •  2 adults + up to 3 children under 18 or
  • 2 adults unaccompanied by children

How it works: Purchase a Day Pass- Single/Family and scratch off the day and month you wish to travel. When boarding the bus for the first time that day, show your pass. The driver will punch the month and day scratched. The pass is then valid for the duration of that calendar day.

Gift certificates

Gift certificates for the purchase of a monthly pass are available at the Ainslie Street Transit Terminal and the Charles Street Transit Terminal.