Transit Support Person Program

Do you find it hard to get to your destination without support? Do you worry about your family member getting lost when they get to their destination or perhaps being confused about at what stop to get off when you are using the bus?

Effective January 1, 2014 GRT made making public transit more accessible for those requiring assistance with the introduction of free travel for a customer's Support Person. Any customer who requires support can apply for a PLUSone card. This is a  Photo ID card that identifies a person who, because of their disability, requires assistance while traveling on GRT's conventional or specialized transit service. The person providing the assistance will not pay a fare.

Support Person Program Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Who is eligible for the Support Person Program?

Anyone who, due to a disability, cannot travel independently on conventional or specialized service.

2. How do I apply for the Support Person Program?

You may :

  • download the form here. call Customer Service at 519-585-7555 to have one mailed to you
  • pick one up in person at Charles Street Transit Terminal 15 Charles St. W. or Ainslie Street Transit Terminal at 35 Ainslie St. S.

Please note a health care professional is required to fill out a portion of the application form. A health care professional can be:

  • A licensed physician
  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered occupational therapist
  • Licensed physiotherapist
  • Certified psychologist/psychiatrist
  • Licensed optometrist/ophthalmologist/eye physician
  • Registered nurse practitioner

Any fees charged by a health care professional will not be reimbursed by GRT.

3. If I do not need help on the bus, but I need someone to help me get my groceries, can they travel with me for free?

No, the help must be required for using the bus or MobilityPLUS, not for the activity at your destination.

4. Who can be my support person?

It can be a friend, family member, paid attendant or volunteer - anyone in your life who travels with you to assist you in using the public transit system.

5. If I qualify for the program, how does my support person ride for free?

GRT will issue you a Photo I.D card, known as the PLUSone card. This card must be shown to the Operator along with your fare (or MobilityPLUS Photo I.D. card) when boarding.

6. Whose picture is on the PLUSone card?

The customer who requires the support. That person keeps the card with them.

7. How much does a PLUSone card cost?

There is no fee for your first card, or if you need to replace a damaged card.

8. I lost my card, what do I do?

Go to either Charles or Ainslie Street Transit Terminal to have a new card issued. There will be a $5.00 fee to replace any card that was lost or stolen.

9. I already have a MobilityPLUS I.D. card, can I just use that?

No, not everyone who qualifies for MobilityPLUS is eligible for a PLUSone card. Not everyone who qualifies for a PLUSone card will be eligible for MobilityPLUS.

A MobilityPLUS card shows that the person is eligible to participate in TaxiSCRIP and travel with our compliments on the conventional service, whereas a PLUSone card shows that a person requires support when travelling on either conventional or specialized service.

10. I already have a PAL card, can't I just use that?

No, the PAL (Personal Attendant for Leisure) card is not accepted on GRT.

11. Can someone from North Dumfries get a PLUSone card?

Yes, anyone who uses GRT and GRT MobilityPLUS services can apply for one.

12. If I show my MobilityPLUS Photo I.D. card, do I still have to show my PLUSone card in order for my Support Person to ride for free?

Yes, remember you must show the PLUSone card to allow the Support Person to travel for free.