Lost & Found

GRT's Lost and Found areas are located at the ticket booth at the Charles Street and Ainslie Street Terminals. If you have lost an item, ask about it at the nearest ticket booth.

Important lost items

If you lost a wallet, medical prescriptions, laptop, bike, government or legal documentation, GRT customer service staff will help you find your belongings quickly. Call our customer service line at 519-585-7555; TTY 575-4608.

Other items

For all other lost items, such as cell phones, text books, UPASS, term passes, monthly bus passes, hats, gloves and umbrellas, please go to one of the terminals to inquire. GRT will be unable to stop the bus to locate these items. All items found on the bus will be taken to the lost and found area at terminals. Items left on a bus in Cambridge will be taken to the Ainslie Street Terminal. Items left on a bus in Kitchener or Waterloo will be held at the Charles Street Terminal in Kitchener. Please go to the ticket booth at the terminals to enquire about your lost item. Claim lost items quickly

Our terminals have limited space:

  • A lost bike will be held for five days, then we ask Waterloo Regional Police to pick it up.
  • Items such as mittens, hats, umbrellas and books are kept for four weeks, then donated to a local charity.
  • Government or legal documentation will be held for four weeks. Then it will be mailed to the appropriate government office or legal department.

I.D. is required

Be prepared to show identification when picking up a lost item. If you lost your identification information, you must be able to describe a lost item in detail. Items must also be claimed by its owner. Lost items will not be given to third parties.