Corporate Pass

Business people infront of a GRT busThis transit pass program benefits employees of any company that partners with Grand River Transit to provide discounted bus rides to participating staff. Once enrolled, an employee's Corporate Pass never needs renewing. Payment is conveniently made through payroll deduction.


Who can participate

A company of any size can join the program. However, GRT requires a guaranteed enrolment of a minimum of 25 employees. A company also has the option of subsidizing the cost if it wishes to encourage employees to take public transit instead of driving to work.

Fare Prices

The price of a Corporate Pass is listed on our Fare Prices page.

How it works

Once a company enrols, it usually assigns a staff co-ordinator to work with GRT. The program can be customized to suit individual companies. Employees pick up their photo I.D. pass at work and pay through payroll deduction.

Learn more

Click here to find out how you and your organization can launch a Corporate Pass program.