Passenger Comfort and Safety

Courtesy & Respect

Girl and man sitting on busPlease respect and show courtesy to your fellow riders and GRT bus operators. Customers engaging in rowdy or disruptive behaviour may be asked to leave the bus. Any person found willfully damaging or vandalizing GRT property could be subject to full prosecution

Proper Attire and Personal Hygiene

Shirts and shoes must be worn while riding a GRT bus.

Please try and refrain from wearing strong smelling perfumes or colognes while riding the bus. Please respect that others may have allergies or strong reactions to various smells.

Priority Seating

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005) regulation "O.Reg.191/11" requires "Priority Seating" at the front of the bus to be reserved for people of all ages with disabilities and mobility challenges. 

Priority Seating Sticker

Priority seating is located close to the entrance door of the bus and is for the use of passengers with a disability,  who use wheelchairs,scooters or other mobility aids. All other customers must vacate these seats upon request.

Please lock your device in place. Use all ties or belts available to further secure your position.

Backpacks/Bags on Seats

Seats are for people. When boarding the bus please remove your backpack and hold it in front of you. When seated, place your backpack or bags on your lap. These items should not prevent another customer from being seated.

Feet on Seats

Please be courteous of fellow passengers and keep your feet off of seats. This will ensure the seats remain clean, last longer and are available for other customers to use.


bike on busExterior bike racks must be used if a space is available. Bike racks can carry two bicycles. Outside of rush hours, bicyles can be transported in the bus when the racks are full, inoperable, and when there is enough space in the bus. Bicycles must not block aisles. You will not be permitted to board with a bike if all seats are taken and people are standing. If you are already on board when standee conditions develop, you may remain on the bus until you reach your destination.

Motorized bikes are not permitted on any GRT bike rack or bus.


Strollers must be able to fit through the front doors and down the aisles in order to board the bus. For the safety of all customers, the aisles must not be blocked.

Customers should know the dimensions of their stroller before attempting to board the bus.

Customers with strollers are required to move to the rear of the bus, lock the wheels of the stroller and remain in firm control of it at all times. If possible, strollers are to be folded when standee conditions apply.

Hold on to the stroller at all times to avoid tipping. Position the stroller so passengers can walk freely down the aisle.

Music and VideosHeadphones 

Listening to a music device or watching videos with headphones is permitted as long as the volume of the device is at an acceptable level and does not disturb other passengers or the operator.

Petspet in carrier

Small animals that are kept inside a crate/enclosure are allowed on the bus. These animals are also allowed at various terminal locations if kept inside their enclosures.

Larger dogs or other animals that could pose a threat to GRT customers and are not a designated service animal are not allowed on any GRT bus.

Service Animals

Service animals that accompany passengers with disabilities, such as guide dogs, are welcome at all public areas of the Grand River Transit system.

If you have a service animal, please remember:

  • The animal must be under your care and control at all times.
  • Service animals must not pose a risk to other passengers or to GRT operators.
  • If it is not clear that the animal is a service animal, the GRT operator may ask you for a note from a doctor or nurse stating that the animal is needed for reasons of a disability.

If you notice a service animal while using Grand River Transit, please remember:

  • Do not distract or interact with the animal. It is a working animal and must pay attention at all times.
  • Be aware of the service animal and give it enough space, and avoid stepping on the animal.
  • Remember, you are not asked to interact with the animal, but to respect the other persons need for the animal.

For more information on service animals, please visit the Region of Waterloo's website.

All persons using a service animal must meet the criteria stated in the Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Athletic Equipment

Athletic equipment such as inline skates (roller blades), ice skates and skateboards cannot be worn or used while riding the bus. Skis, ski poles and snowboards are not permitted on any GRT bus unless properly enclosed. Ice skates should have ice guards or be properly enclosed in a bag. Large items likely to inconvenience or jeopardize the safety of other passenger will not be permitted on the buses.

Smoking, Alcohol and Hazardous Substances

smoking symbolSmoking and the consumption of alcohol or other hazardous substances is strictly prohibited on or at all GRT buses, terminals, and bus shelters. 

Dangerous Items, Materials or Carrying Containers

For the safety of the public, handguns, paintball guns, pellet guns or any type of concealed weapon are not allowed on any buses or on GRT property.

Explosive materials such as gasoline, diesel, reactive and acidic chemicals, and containers carrying these materials are not allowed on any buses or on GRT property.

Individuals found with these items in their possession may be asked to leave the bus or GRT property. If the item is deemed as a threat to others, security may confiscate the item and the proper authorities will be notified. 


Thank you for helping to make the transit experience comfortable and safe for everyone.







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