There's a new iXpress

It's fast, it's easy, it's the new 201 iXpress!201 iXpress icon jpg


The new 201 iXpress provides a direct limited stop route from University Ave. at Wilfrid Laurier University, along Columbia St. down Fischer-Hallman Rd.  At Westmount Rd. East, the route dips up to Block Line Rd. and into the Forest Glen Terminal. 

With fewer stops along the route, the 201 iXpress is faster than the local bus routes and travel time from Waterloo to Kitchener is 45 minutes.

The 201 iXpress is the first of several additional iXpress routes that will be launched over the next few years.  Look for the colour green and the new bus stop marker to identify the 201 iXpress stops along the route and on the Transit Route Map.

201 route diagram

201 iXpress schedule

The 201 iXpress buses get an early start Monday to Friday.  Timing of the first bus depends where you are located and the direction in which you are travelling, but the 201 is in full swing by  5:30 a.m.

Monday to Friday, buses will run every 15 min. during peak times and 30 minutes during off-peak times. 

Saturday,  buses run every 30 minutes all day starting at 6:45 a.m and Sunday every 30 minutes all day starting at approximately 8:15 a.m. 

201 iXpress features

The stops are marked with a new bus stop marker.

Coming soon, the stops will have comfortable waiting areas with shelters, digital signs that display the actual arrival time of the next bus and bike racks.   

The bus destination sign will read 201 iXpress to Forest Glen Terminal or 201 iXpress to University/Laurier, depending on which direction you are travelling.

201 iXpress Stop showing stop maker and shelter 

201 iXpress Questions and Answers

1.  Where are the 201 iXpress stops located?
  • University/Laurier
  • Philip/UW
  • University/Phillip
  • Columbia/Phillip
  • Columbia/UW
  • Columbia/Beechlawn
  • Fischer-Hallman/Columbia
  • Fischer-Hallman/Keats Way
  • Fischer-Hallman/Erb
  • Fischer-Hallman/Thorndale
  • Fischer-Hallman/University
  • Fischer-Hallman/Stoke
  • Fischer-Hallman/Victoria
  • Fischer-Hallman/Highland
  • Fischer-Hallman/McGarry
  • Fischer-Hallman/Ottawa 
  • Fischer-Hallman/Activa
  • Fischer-Hall/Westmount
  • Westmount/Block Line 
  • Block Line/Laurentian 
  • Forest Glen Terminal 


2.  How do I recognize a 201 iXpress stop?

Bus stops markers will have the iXpress symbol.  The colour green will be the identifier at all iXpress stops and on the Transit Route Map a green routing will identify the 201 iXpress route.

When the 201 iXpress stop is shared with another route, the other route number will appear in a circle on the marker.


3. Can I get off the bus wherever I want?

Buses stop at 201 iXpress stops only. To keep the route fast and efficient, please do not ask the operator to make a special stop.

4. How long does the Route 201 iXpress take?

From University Ave. at Laurier University to the Forest Glen Terminal takes approximately 45 minutes.


5.  Can I transfer between Route 201 iXpress and a local GRT route?

Yes. Ask the operator for a GRT transfer when you board, as you would on any other local route.


6.  Do regular fares apply to the Route 201  iXpress service?


Yes.  There is no extra charge for Route 201 iXpress service.


7.  Is the Route 201 iXpress service wheelchair-accessible?


Yes. all  Route 201 iXpress routes use low-floor buses and are wheel-chair accessible.


Link to the 201 iXpress Schedule.