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GRT iXpress routes are designed to transport riders along the fastest, most efficient route with fewer stops along the way. There are 5 iXpress routes that run in Waterloo Region, the 200, 201, 202, 203 and 204. 

200 iXpress travels between the Ainslie Terminal in Cambridge and Conestoga Mall in Waterloo along Hespeler, Highway 401, Highway 8 and through Downtown Kitchener, Uptown Waterloo and the University of Waterloo. In September 2015, the portion of the route between Ainslie Terminal and Fairview Park Mall became ION bus rapid transit. 200 iXpress buses continue to be used for this portion of the route until newly branded ION buses arrive in 2017. 

201 iXpress travels between Forest Glen Plaza in Kitchener and Conestoga Mall in Waterloo along Block Line, Fischer-Hallman, Columbia, and King.

202 iXpress travels between The Boardwalk and Conestoga Mall along the Erb Street and University Avenue corridors.

203 iXpress travels between Cambridge Centre and Sportsworld along Franklin Boulevard and Maple Grove Road.

204 iXpress travels between The Boardwalk and the intersection of Ottawa and Lackner along Ira Needles, Highland, Queen, Victoria and Lackner.  Free on Fridays until December 18,  2015. This latest iXpress route launched September 7, 2015.

iXpress Features

With fewer stops along route, iXpress is faster than other local bus routes. Fifteen key intersections are outfitted with transit priority signals to allow the 200 iXpress buses to move along routes more quickly. These signals detect buses as they approach and either extends the green or shortens the red signal to minimize delays.

iXpress stations connect existing GRT routes, walking and cycling. Digital signs in shelters display the actual arrival time of the next bus. Select stations also have map displays, bike racks and bike lockers. All GRT buses now have bike racks, so walking, cycling and transit connect seamlessly.



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