School Specials

School Special schedules for the 2014-15 school year are below.

The Unlimited 5-month Term Pass is valid for travel on GRT September 1, 2014 -Januuary 30, 2015.

*Note: Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (S.T.S.W.R) determines eligibility for this pass.

If you've received a notice from your school and are eligible to receive the 5-month Term Pass you may pick yours up at the Ainslie or Charles Street Transit Terminals as of approximately August 15, 2014.

A $5.00 charge applies when you pick up the Term Pass. 

Cambridge Service Area:

2014-15 School Year

GCI Morning School Special Revised

GCI Afternoon School Special

St. Benedict Morning School Special

Kitchener / Waterloo Service Area:

2014-15 School Year

Cameron Heights Morning School Special

Eastwood Morning School Specials

Eastwood Afternoon School Specials

Huron Heights Morning School Special

Huron Heights Afternoon School Special  

St. Mary's Morning School Specials

St. Mary's Afternoon School Specials