School Specials



School Special schedules for the 2014-15 school year are below.

The Unlimited 5-month Term Pass is valid for travel on GRT September 1, 2014 -Januuary 30, 2015.

*Note: Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (S.T.S.W.R) determines eligibility for this pass.

If you've received a notice from your school and are eligible to receive the 5-month Term Pass you may pick yours up at the Ainslie or Charles Street Transit Terminals as of approximately August 15, 2014.

A $5.00 charge applies when you pick up the Term Pass. 


Cambridge Service Area:

2014-15 School Year

GCI Morning School Special Revised

GCI Afternoon School Special

St. Benedict Morning School Special

Kitchener / Waterloo Service Area:

2014-15 School Year

Cameron Heights Morning School Special

Eastwood Morning School Specials

Eastwood Afternoon School Specials

Huron Heights Morning School Special

Huron Heights Afternoon School Special  

St. Mary's Morning Specials - Winter 2015

St. Mary's Afternoon Specials - Winter 2015