GRT gets green light to use Bus Bypass Shoulder on Highway 8

Approved by the Ministry of Transportation, Grand River Transit bus and MobilityPLUS operators are now permitted to use the bus bypass shoulders along Highway 8, when traffic on the highway is congested or moving 60 kilometres per hour or slower.

The bus bypass shoulder will enable GRT buses to bypass traffic congestion, adhere to schedules, and ensure fast and reliable services for GRT passengers.


What is a Bus Bypass Shoulder?

A bus bypass shoulder is the paved shoulder of the highway located along the right hand shoulder of the roadway, and allows GRT bus and MobilityPLUS operators to bypass congestion in the general purpose traffic lanes.

Where is the Bus Bypass Shoulder located?

It is located on Highway 8 in both directions between Fairway Road and SportsWorld Drive. There are two sections of bypass lanes in each direction.

Under what conditions can GRT drive on the bus bypass shoulder?

The bus bypass shoulder is to be used during traffic congestion for by pass purpose only.

GRT is only allowed to use the bus bypass shoulder when the general traffic is moving at speeds equal or less than 60 kilometres per hour. In addition, the vehicle must not exceed 60 kilometres per hour while using the bus bypass shoulder.

When the general traffic is in stop-and-go condition, vehicles are not allowed to travel more than 20 kilometres per hour faster than the flow of traffic.

Only GRT Bus and MobilityPLUS operators that have had special training are officially authorized to operate a bus on the bus bypass shoulders.