Grand River Transit
250 Strasburg Rd
Kitchener, ON N2E 3M6

Phone: 519-585-7555
TTY: 519-575-4608

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Planning Your Trip

Link to EasyGo Trip planner

Before you use a GRT service, organize your trip with our EasyGO systems.

EasyGO helps you find:

  • The best route
  • Your nearest bus stop (easyGO bus stop)
  • The time for the next bus
  • Walking distance required
  • Routes & schedules

For additional trip planning information, call Customer Service519-585-7555


About Real-Time

GRT's easyGO systems give predicted real-time departure information for buses so riders have a better idea of when their bus will be leaving their stop.

EasyGO Mobile App

This free, innovative easyGO mobile application is a useful interactive tool for our customers to have instant access to real-time bus information.

EasyGO Real-Time Map

This interactive map allows you to get up-to-the-minute information about bus routes around Waterloo Region.

EasyGO online Trip Planner

The online trip planner gives a step-by-step itinerary of how to get to your destination. In March, 2016 Trip Planner was upgraded. The look and functionality have changed making it easier to plan your trip. Among the updates, Trip Planner now has the ability to show a stop schedule and next bus arrival times and uses Google Maps. 

Tips for the new Trip Planner:

  • To plan a trip, open the Trip Planner, go to the left navigation tab and select "Trip Plans"

  • To view the timetables for a particular route select "Route Schedules"

  • To view the bus schedule for a particular stop for the entire day, click on "Stop Schedules"

  • To view the next bus departure times from a particular stop, select "Next Departures."
  • To reverse the origin and destination and plan a reverse trip, click on the reverse arrows just below the destination "B" field.
  • To plan a trip using an intersection, type in the first street, space, forward slash, space, then the next street.

            For Example: Ottawa / Westmount

  • To plan a trip using a stop or landmark, type it in and select one the options that appear.


EasyGO Next Bus Call and Text Messaging:

Using cell phone to get next bus information

Next Bus Call:

Need information at your fingertips? Use EasyGO to call the next bus. Dial 519-585-7555. You will be prompted to select option 1 and then enter your four digit stop number. The next bus departure times will be read out to you.

Real-Time Next Bus Text Messaging:

Send a text with your four digit stop number to 57555. Your stop number can be found at the bottom right hand section of the bus stop that you are standing at. Simply put 57555 in the "To" section of the message and put your stop number in the text box portion. 

Departure times are in predicted real-time. Scheduled departure times are noted with an asterisk. 

For a quick and easy guide:

Bus Stop marker showing EasyGo stop number

  • Check the lower right corner of the bus stop sign for the 4 digit stop number of your favourite stops.
  • Text your four digit number to 57555.
  • A message will come back to you with the next 3 real-time departure times at that bus stop.
  • Choose the time that is convenient for you and you're ready to go!
  • Standard rates for text messaging from your service provider will apply. No additional fees for this service will be charged by GRT.


Personal Assistance

If you prefer personal assistance, a Grand River Transit customer service representative can help you plan your trip.  Live help is available by calling 519-585-7555 and press #4. 

Passenger Information Displays

Looking at EasyGO Display at a terminal listing schedule times of rout

Information displays at terminals, malls, universities and colleges show scheduled departure times for all routes that service that location. 200 iXpress times are provided in real-time on these displays. The display also provides special GRT service notices and weather.

Most iXpress stops, as well as other selected locations, display predicted real-time departures for the bus routes serving those stops. The ~ symbol signifies that the scheduled departure time is being displayed. 

iXpress buses also feature on-board LED displays showing the next stop and the trip destination.