To better meet the needs of the community and grow a better bus network to encourage future ridership, Grand River Transit is making transit service adjustments in 2023. The plan, approved during the budget process, includes restoring bus service to pre-pandemic levels as well as several service improvements. To achieve these enhancements, two routes will be discontinued. View the Planning and Works report on 2023 service changes

Service changes

Spring 2023

Summer 2023

  • New 15-minute midday service on Routes 8 and 12 (previously 30 minutes)

Fall 2023

  • Cambridge network enhancements
  • Late evening service, reduced during the pandemic, will be restored on several routes
  • New 30-minute weekend service on Routes 31, 33 and 36 for new growth areas
  • Route 2 Stirling and Route 73 Northlake will be discontinued effective Sept. 4.

Discontinuing Routes 2 and 73

The discontinuation of Routes 2 and 73 matches current customer demand and allows GRT to direct resources to grow other parts of the network. Details of the review of Routes 2 and 73 is available here. Removing Routes 2 and 73 will provide more than $400,000 in 2023 and more than $1.2 million in 2024 to be used to enhance the wider transit network.

Learn more about Route 2 service alternatives

Route 73 service alternatives

  • Route 73 Northlake has the lowest boardings per hour of any BusPlus route (8.5 boardings per hour vs. 12.4 on average for BusPlus routes)
  • Alternative transit service is provided to part of the neighbourhood by Routes 9 and 19 with service starting earlier in the morning and ending later at night than the current Route 73.

Map of alternate service options for Route 73 Northlake:
Map of Route 73 transit alternatives