At the same time that we're improving our transit service, we've invested in making it easier to combine walking and cycling with transit. 

In collaboration with the cities of Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo, we have completed 11 major active transportation initiatives thanks to $5 million total in federal and municipal project funding through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF). Projects ranged from new shared-use trails connecting to ION stations to bike parking improvements across our transit system.

View map of the completed projects

Active transportation projects

 Market Trail
  • Feasibility study and detailed design of new shared-use trail connecting Northfield Station to St. Jacobs Market area and surrounding employers to:
    • Improve high-frequency transit access for residents, workplaces, and visitors
    • Increase transit ridership outside of traditional peak periods
    • Manage traffic concerns and parking demand on market days
    • Realign the Trans-Canada Trail route to make it easier to navigate
    • Encourage local tourism and access to local food
  • This unique “Rail with Trail” is an all ages and abilities in all seasons project that includes:
    • Trail lighting with option for decorative installations in the future
    • Rest areas with benches and trash receptacles
    • Bike parking with space for future bike share and e-scooter share programs
    • Direct access paths to key workplaces and the Woolwich Trails network
    • Winter maintained paths
  • Trail construction funded by Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP)

Market Trail looking toward Farmer's Market Road Market Trail at night with lights on

Cyclist riding on Market Trail Market Trail in the evening

Map of Market Trail

 Research and Technology Station
  • New shared-use trail
  • Pedestrian amenities
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Landscaping

Landscaping at Research and Technology Station

Wayfinding totem sign glowing at sunset

 Seagram Drive Improvements
  •  New sidewalk
  • New shared-use trail and cycling lane connecting Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Waterloo campuses to Laurier-Waterloo Park Station
 Waterloo Park Boardwalk
  •  New shared-use boardwalk at ION crossing to complete active transportation network through Waterloo Park to/from Laurier-Waterloo Park Station

Woman walking on boardwalk with ION train passing

 Recreation Centre access improvements
  •  New benches at GRT stops on Erb St
  • New sidewalk connecting to Waterloo Memorial Rec Complex
 Iron Horse Trail Improvements / Transit Hub Trail
  • Widening and new lighting on central section of shared-use Iron Horse Trail
  • New shared-use trail branch to downtown Kitchener and future King-Victoria Transit Hub at Central Station
  • Phase 2 Transit Hub Trail construction funded by Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program

Multi-use trail in Raddatz Park with pavement markings

Multi-use trail through Cherry Park

 Mill Station Trail
  • New shared-use trail with lighting connecting Mill Station to future new development on the former Schneiders site

Multi-use trail and lighting with train heading toward Mill Station

Sheltered bike parking

  • New sheltered bike parking at Fairway and Cambridge Centre stations

Covered bike shelter at Cambridge Centre Station

Hespeler (Goebel Avenue) sidewalk infill

  • New sidewalk from local GRT stops to nearby businesses
 Roxboro Road Trail Upgrades
  •  Sidewalk infill/trail upgrade through rail crossing connecting local transit stops and Manchester Public School

Region-wide GRT bike parking network expansion

  • Largest bike parking installation by the Region and GRT
  • More than 100 new bike racks at express stops system-wide for use by transit riders, future bikeshare, and community 

Bus shelter with bike rack