Boarding the train

  • Wait behind the yellow platform edge for the train to come to a complete stop. The train doors will line up with the black sections of the platform edge when the train stops.
  • Wait for other riders to exit before boarding.
  • To open the doors, press the red button on the door when the light turns green.
  • Allow riders with mobility devices to board first. Riders with mobility devices, bikes, strollers, service animals or other large items should board through the two middle doors.
  • Don’t hold the train doors open. Preventing the train from leaving by holding the doors open may result in a fine.
  • Mind the gap between the station platform and the train.


  • Once you’ve boarded, move away from the doors to make room for other people. Ensure the aisles are clear.
  • If you’re standing, hold on to a bar or strap while the train is moving.
  • Don’t lean against the bellows in the articulated section of the train.
  • Each upcoming station will be announced and shown on the passenger displays.
  • The train will stop at each station, so no need to signal your stop.
  • Keep food and drink in closed, spill-proof containers. Take your garbage and recycling with you when you leave.
  • Seats are for people! Keep your backpack or purse at your feet or in your lap. And keep your feet off the seats, so they stay clean and can be used by other passengers.
  • If you’re listening to music or watching videos, use headphones and keep the volume low.
  • Taking transit means sharing space, so be mindful of personal hygiene. Avoid strong smelling perfumes and colognes, as other riders may have allergies or reactions to various smells. And please do any personal grooming before you leave and not while you’re riding the train.

Remember – everyone deserves to ride with respect.

View the full rules for riding

Exiting the train

  • Wait until the train comes to a stop, and then make your way to the closest door.
  • Press the red button when the lights turn green to open the door.
  • Use marked crosswalks to exit the station.

Accessibility and priority seatingPriority seating area on ION train

Priority seating is located by the double doors. One area has a pair of padded back rests, the other has a pair of seats that flip down. There are no restraints for mobility devices. To use the priority seating area:

  • Position your device parallel to the windows.
  • Ensure wheels are clear of the circular line on the floor between train cars.
  • Lock your wheels

Other passengers, including those with bicycles, are required to move from these seats for anyone with a disability or mobility challenge.

If you need more time when exiting the train, press the blue "Accessible stop request" button in the middle of the priority seating area. The doors will remain open longer so you can exit the train.

Cycling and IONMan standing with bicycle in priority seating area

You can bring your bicycle on board ION trains – single-seat, two-wheeled, non-motorized bikes only.

Board through the double doors, which are designated with a bicycle decal. Stand with your bike in the priority seating area and hold on to your bike at all times. Ensure your bike is not blocking aisles or doors.

One bike per priority seating area for up to four bikes per train.

Passengers with bikes must vacate the priority seating area for persons with disabilities. If an arriving train has no bike spaces available or is too crowded with standing passengers, wait for a train with available space.

What can I bring on the train?


Folding, umbrella style strollers are recommended. Board through the double doors with a stroller decal, lock the wheels of the stroller, and hold on to it all times. Keep your child strapped in the stroller.

Customers positioning strollers in the accessible seating area must vacate the area upon request from a passenger with accessibility needs requesting the accessible seating.

Athletic equipment
Athletic equipment such as inline skates, skateboards and snowboards are permitted as long as they are properly enclosed. You may not wear these items while travelling on the train or at the station.
Service animals

Service animals that accompany passengers with disabilities, such as guide dogs, are welcome at all ION stations and on board ION trains.

If you have a service animal, please remember:

  • The animal must be under your care and control at all times.
  • Service animals must not pose a risk to other passengers or to staff.
  • Customers should be prepared to provide a note from a regulated health professional stating that the animal is needed for reasons of a disability.

Small animals that are kept inside a crate/enclosure are allowed at ION stations and on board ION trains.

Large dogs or other animals that could pose a threat to GRT customers or are not designated service animals are not allowed on ION trains.

Large items
Large items,  such as large carts, heavy boxes or items with sharp edges, are not allowed.
Firearms and explosive materials
Firearms, weapons, paintball guns and explosive materials, such as gasoline and propane containers, are not allowed.