The new Cambridge Centre Station means more direct connections and faster travel times, plus a more comfortable trip for riders, thanks to enhanced passenger amenities. The new station began operation in December 2016.

Direct transfers

The new station is located just off Hespeler Road, in front of Cambridge Centre Mall. Riders will be able to transfer directly from local routes to ION bus rapid transit and to GO Transit buses. The new location also means streamlined and faster travel on ION bus. Instead of circling the mall, ION bus now travels directly down Hespeler Road. Better passenger facilities and faster travel times will help to build ridership along the ION corridor.

View the platform layout map

Features of the new station

  • 10 bus platforms
  • Heated shelters, benches and bicycle parking
  • Real-time LED information displays
  • Driver facility for lunch breaks and shift changes
  • Security cameras to ensure the safety of riders and operators
  • Landscaping and interactive public art
  • Expanded sidewalk between the station and mall

Map showing location of Cambridge Centre Mall and new and old stations

New Directions: More direct routes supporting a grid networkNew Directions: More comfortable rides, stops and stationsNew Directions: Seamless connections to ION