Transit Valentines

This year our transit valentines feature our official mascot, Ryder!

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Valentine's Day card with a cartoon image of GRT's mascot Ryder and text reading "Somebunny loves you" Valentine's Day card with a cartoon image of a GRT bus and text reading "I wheely like you"

Meet GRT's official mascot, Ryder

Back in February of 2022, a rider on a passing bus spotted a small stuffed bunny sitting in a bus shelter.

Bunny on the snow in a bus shelter

We rescued him and tried to find his owner, but no one ever came forward. Our community named him Ryder, and we adopted him as our unofficial mascot. He made a home at GRT, exploring the bus garages, hanging out with staff and dressing up for the seasons.

Stuffed bunny wearing an "I heart GRT" shirt

And then he snuck onto a bus to ride through the bus wash, and this happened:

Now Ryder is our official mascot! He can explore our transit system, teach people how to use transit safely, and join community events. And when he wants to play hide and seek, he just rides through the bus wash and he's small again!

GRT mascot waving from the front door of a bus