ION bus is the first step toward light rail in Cambridge. ION bus travels 17 km between Ainslie Street Terminal and Fairway Station in Kitchener. ION bus connects to ION light rail at Fairway Station.

This important milestone will help build ridership along Cambridge's busiest corridor with stops on Hespeler Road for employees, shoppers and visitors.

ION bus service features

  • New, large modern stops with canopy shelters, benches and extra lighting
  • Limestone feature walls, significant to Cambridge's unique heritage
  • Accessible platform edges with textured surface
  • Garbage receptacles and bike racks
  • Passenger information displays with real-time bus arrivals
  • Signal priority for approaching buses at all intersections on Hespeler Road
  • Bus only lanes at Pinebush, Munch and Coronation allowing buses to bypass traffic line-ups at these intersections
  • A direct link to LRT when it launches.

ION buses

USB charging station on ION busION buses have a number of special features:

  • USB charging stations
  • Wifi
  • High-back seating
  • Tinted, flush-mounted windows
  • Aluminum wheels
  • High-visibility white destination sign
  • Special paint scheme consistent with ION light rail vehicles