Open data is the free sharing of data for everyone to use and republish with few restrictions. GRT provides route, stop and schedule data for the purposes of developing applications to promote the use of transit and transit-related information.

GRT schedule data is published using the Google Transit Feed Specifications (GTFS). Route and stop location data is published using ArcGIS.

By downloading or using the data on the Open Data Portal, you are agreeing to the terms of the Region's Open Data Licence

Open data sources

GTFS data downloads - including real-time data for ION light rail

GBFS Feed – Open Data for Shared Mobility (Bike & Scooter)

Route and stop data

Important Note

The Regional Municipality of Waterloo, operator of Grand River Transit ("GRT") provides links to third party applications and sites that use GRT data for informational purposes to the general public. Applications referenced on this site are not made by GRT, and GRT does not sell, sponsor or license the apps. They are written by third parties unless otherwise noted.

GRT shall not be held responsible for the content of third party websites or any issues arising from the use of third party applications. GRT neither endorses any third party products listed here nor makes any guarantees or representations as to their accuracy or reliability. Proceed with care and understand any usage charges that may apply to you. GRT reserves the right to remove/add applications listings without notice.


GRT and the Region of Waterloo continue to improve the open data by providing additional features, tools and datasets.

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