You can use any of GRT’s trip planning tools to plan your trip on ION. When using GRT's trip planning tools, ION light rail is Route 301.

EasyGO trip planner
Simply enter your starting point and destination and a trip plan is created for you. Or view the schedule and real-time departures for a route or at a station.

Launch the trip planner - the trip planner will be updated with ION schedules closer to start of service.

Man holding phone smilingEasyGO Mobile App
A free app that lets you finds stops and stations near you and offers real-time departure information. Search for it in the App store or Google Play store.

Next Ride Text
Text your four-digit stop number to 57555 and receive a text back with real-time departure information. You can find the stop number for ION stations on the departures screen and on the system map in the centre of the platform.

Next Ride Call
Call 519-585-7555, select option 1 and then enter your four-digit stop number. The next real-time departure information for your stop will be read to you.

Enter your stop number and get real-time departure information on your desktop or phone.

Launch NextRide

Real-Time Desktop Map
This map uses real-time information to provide you with the location of GRT vehicles.

Open the Real-time desktop map

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