Photography, filming and recording

People wishing to film or photograph GRT buses, property or logos must obtain permission and complete an authorization form.

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Bus bypass shoulder

GRT buses and MobilityPLUS vehicles can used the paved right shoulder of Highway 8 in approved areas identified by signs as a bypass lane when traffic on the highway is congested or moving 60km/h or slower.

Buses can travel along the shoulders at 20km/h faster than the speed of the stopped or slowed traffic. Special signs posted on the right shoulder of the highway indicate where the bus bypass begins and ends.

The paved bypass shoulders can only be used by emergency services and authorized transit vehicles.

The bus bypass shoulder allows GRT buses to bypass traffic congestion and remain on schedule, ensuring fast and reliable service, particularly on the 200 iXpress.

Privacy policy

The Region of Waterloo's privacy policy addresses the use of surveillance cameras and images, as well as the collection, use and disclosure of personal information for people accessing Regional website, including

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EasyGO mobile app privacy statement

The privacy statement details how information will be collected when you download and use the EasyGO mobile app, and how you can disable functions in the app to prevent collection of information.

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Smoking is not permitted inside GRT shelters, on ION platforms, or on any GRT property outside of designated smoking areas, in accordance with Regional
Bylaw 13-050. This includes e-cigarettes.

Violators are subject to removal from the property and/or a maximum fine of $2000.

If you observe someone smoking at the terminals outside of the designated smoking areas, please contact security staff.

Map showing smoke-free and designated smoking areas at Ainslie Street Terminal.

Social media

GRT's social media policy sets out expectations for community engagement on social media, and potential responses in case of violations.

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