GRT maintains social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, where we post service alerts, promotional information, travel tips, news, contests, and other transit and/or Regional information.

GRT's social media feeds are monitored 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday. We welcome your comments at any time, but we are unable to respond outside of business hours. If you have a question or comment that is urgent in nature, customer service is available 24/7 at 519-585-7555; TTY (Deaf and Hard of Hearing): 519-575-4608.

Community engagement


To file a complaint, please call customer service at 519-585-7555, TTY 519-575-4608. We ask customers to call customer service and provide their contact info so we can collect all relevant details and follow up for more information if necessary. 

Photos of employees

We do not condone posting photos of employees, including GRT operators, to social media when making complaints. We ask that photos of operators posted to social media be deleted, or your account may be muted and/or blocked.

Be respectful and keep it clean

Please be polite and respectful when engaging with others on social media. Keep your posts free of profane, obscene, derogatory, threatening and abusive language. GRT reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, or to temporarily disable commenting for repeated violations.

Posts that violate this policy may be reported to security and/or law enforcement.

Help us help you

Please keep your comments constructive, and focus on what we can do to help you. Remember that there are people reading and managing your comments, and avoid unleashing your frustrations on them. We will not respond to posts containing profane, obscene, derogatory, threatening or abusive language.

Protect your privacy 

Do not include any phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses or other personal information in your posts. This also applies to the privacy of others. If we require further information, we will follow up with you and request the information via private message. Please follow our Twitter account so we can message you directly for this purpose.

Personal information on social media platforms

Facebook and Twitter are third party service providers that collect, store, and manage your personal information when you access and use their services. Please refer to Facebook's and Twitter's terms of service for particulars.
*GRT has no control over how third party service providers handle your personal information.

It's not always who you think

Content posted online by the public does not necessarily reflect the views of GRT. Official content from GRT can be found on our Twitter (@GRT_ROW) and Facebook accounts (GRT: Grand River Transit). 

The appearance of external links on any of our social media pages does not represent official endorsement by GRT. We reserve the right to delete, without notification, any objectionable content posted by the public as well as content deemed to be spam or for commercial purposes.

Social media promotions

Social media promotions created by GRT may appear on our website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels. 

GRT reserves the right to post/not post, edit or delete without notification, any content submitted by the public.

By taking part in any of GRT's promotion (and submitting information to us) you agree that your name, story, and social media handle may or may not be published on GRT's website and social media channels. GRT is not responsible for any third party use of material submitted for promotions.

Before you post

We reserve the right to delete, without notification, any objectionable content posted by the public. Objectionable content includes, but is not limited to: personal attacks, harassment, and threatening/ defamatory/ offensive/ abusive/ racist content. 

If you post content that is deemed to be spam or is for commercial purposes, we will delete it (this includes but is not limited to irrelevant comments, identical comments from the same user within the same post, identical comments from the same user in multiple posts). We will also remove any content making obviously false, libellous or unsubstantiated allegations. We may ban or block accounts that post this content to our page.

All content posted on GRT's Facebook page is the property of GRT and may not be downloaded, altered, reproduced or distributed without written consent. 

Any individual who repeatedly violates the terms of this policy will be blocked from posting to this page and may be reported to Facebook and/or law enforcement. 

Don't link or post any copyrighted or trademarked material that doesn't belong to you. GRT and Region of Waterloo are not responsible for any use of content posted by the public.