You can load your EasyGO fare card with passes, stored value, or both. Each card can hold up two passes and $100 in stored value.

  • Passes: GRT offers a variety of passes. When you add a pass to your card, you can take unlimited trips for as long as the pass is valid. 
  • Stored value: Each time you tap your card, the system deducts GRT's fare from the balance stored on your card.

The type of card you have determines what pass you can load on your card. To load all special passes, including corporate pass, school board term pass, TAP and veteran's pass, you must have a concession card.

Where to load your card

See a map and list of locations to load your card

Loading day passes

There are some exceptions to how a day pass can be loaded on your card. 

If your card has:

  • Only stored value– you can load the day pass and the next time you tap, the day pass will be activated.
  • A valid pass – you will need to have a second EasyGO fare card for a day pass.
  • An expired pass – you can load the day pass, and the next time you tap, the day pass will be activated.

You will need a second fare card if you want to buy a day pass in advance for future use.

Please note: at this time, day passes can’t be loaded online.