Seniors 65 and older are can purchase a reduced-price monthly pass or pay a reduced fare with stored value

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You will need to get a senior-type EasyGO fare card. You will need to show proof of senior status to get your card. Once you have your card, it will not need to be renewed until the 5-year expiry of the card.

Because you are eligible for a reduced fare, the card will be registered to you at the terminal when you get it.

Loading your card

You can load your card with a monthly pass or with stored value. Stored value works like cash; your fare is deducted from the balance each time you tap your card.

You can load your card in person at GRT customer service, or you can load your card online.

If you load your card in person, you can load your pass at any point during the month. If you load online, the monthly pass will be available from the 20th of the preceeding month to the 14th day of the current month.

GRT will not refund or replace monthly transit passes for any reason. The pass is non-refundable and not transferrable.

Learn how to pay your fare with the EasyGO fare card