My EasyGO web account issues

1. I tried to register my card and it said "This card has not been issued."

It can take up to 48 hours before you can register your card after you pick it up. If you've just picked up your card and see this error message, try again after 48 hours has passed. If you see the same error message, report the issue using the online form.

2. I loaded fare products online but they're still in pending transactions and not showing up on my card.

It can take up to 24-48 hours to complete online transactions. Your products will be loaded on your card the next time you tap it after the 24-48 hours has passed.

Why does it take 24-48 hours?

When you load your card online, the transaction is added to the EasyGO database. GRT buses aren’t  connected to the EasyGO network while they’re on the road. When buses return to the garage, they connect to the network and download all of the transactions that were processed since the last time they were in the garage.

Some buses return to the garage in the middle of the day, and your online load would be available on those buses within a couple of hours. However, on busy routes, buses only return to the garage overnight. So if you load your card online at 6 a.m., your load may not be ready on all buses until the following morning. And if there is an error downloading the data to the farebox, it could take another day for the farebox to be updated.

Here's how it works with an example $10 load:

Infographic showing how tapping a fare card on the farebox applies the load to the card.

If you want to be sure of having funds available on your card right away, you can visit GRT customer service at 105 King St. E. or the Ainslie Street Terminal and load your card in person. Or you can set up an autoload so that funds are automatically added to your card when the balance drops below $10. 

3. I forgot my password and need to reset it

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking the "Reset password" button on the main login screen.

Enter the email address associated with your EasyGO account. You'll receive an email with a link to reset your password.

 Screenshot of password reset button

4. I tried to create an account, but got an error message saying my card was already added to another account.

Screenshot of error card already registered to another account

If you have a concession card, or if you asked customer service staff to register your card for you when you picked it up, your card is already registered to that account.

If you provided an email address when you registered your card, customer service staff provided you with a business card with your login information and temporary password. If you do not have the card, you can fill out this online form to access your account.

If you registered your card but did not provide an email address, you'll need to ask customer service staff to enable the online account for you and provide an email address.

5. I got a transaction error when trying to pay with my credit card.

Double check to confirm that all of your information was entered correctly. The postal code on your credit card must match the postal code you provided with your address.

If that doesn't solve the payment issue, fill out the Report an issue form.

 6. I tried to add my child's card to my account, but got an error message saying it's already been added to another account.

 Screenshot of error message card already added to account

Your child's card was registered to your child's name when they picked it up. You'll need to provide a separate email address to setup your child's online account. 

You can fill out this online form to set up the online account.

7. My autoload or autorenew didn't go through.

If the system isn't able to charge your credit card, your pass or stored value will not be loaded. Check the make sure your credit card information is up to date.

If your credit card information is up to date, report the issue using the Report an issue form.

If your autoload or autorenew can't be completed, it will go dormant and will need to be restarted. Follow the steps here to re-start your autoload or autorenew.

Blocked and expired cards - keep in mind that when you replace a blocked or expired card with autorenew or autoload this setting does not automatically transfer to a new card. If you have an autoload or autorenew on your account, remember to cancel it before blocking a card and then add it to your new card. 

Farebox issues

1. The farebox showed "Misread Media Try Again".
Try tapping your card again, holding it level and square against the card reader.
2. The farebox showed "Smartcard Not Valid".
Try tapping your card again, holding it level and square against the card reader. If your card still doesn't work after several attempts, contact customer service.
3. My card doesn't read on the first tap; I have to tap multiple times.
  • Take the card out of your wallet. If it's next to other smart cards, they may interfere with the signal.
  • Hold the card right against the scanner.
  • Wait for the previous transaction to clear. The arrow next to the smart card target will turn green when it's ready for you to tap.
4. The farebox showed "Transaction Not OK".
You'll see this message if you pull your card away too quickly after tapping. Wait for the transaction to complete before moving your card away from the smart card target.
5. I tapped successfully, but then the farebox showed "Pass already used".
This message shows when a card is tapped twice on the same farebox within five minutes. You may see this message if you leave your card on the card reader too long after the transaction finishes.

6. The farebox showed "Not Enough Money".

If you have a high school term pass, TAP, Conestoga College transit pass or UPass, it may take up to 24-48 hours for your card to work. If you see this message after 48 hours has passed, contact GRT customer service.

If you have don't have one of the above passes, you'll see this message if you don't have a valid transfer, pass or enough stored value on your card. The operator will ask you to pay a fare. Note: if you have registered your card, you can run a negative balance for one trip if you don't have enough stored value to pay your fare.