Using your ONE Card on transit

All full-time Conestoga students (including co-op students) can purchase an unlimited GRT Term Pass that is loaded on your Conestoga ONE Card.

Learn more and purchase your pass

On the bus

Tap your ONE Card on the farebox when you board. The smart card reader is the blue-green rectangle on the lower right corner of the farebox. Hold your card level and square against the card reader and wait for the farebox to ding. 

On the train 

There are platform card readers at each end of every ION station. Tap your ONE Card on the platform validator before you board the train. You can also tap on the fare vending machine in the middle of the platform by selecting "Pay/validate your ION trip".

When you tap your card, the screen will show "Conestoga College".

Farebox and platform card reader

Card issues

If your ONE Card doesn't work or if your card is lost/stolen, contact the ONE Card Office.

Did you just get your term pass loaded on your ONE Card? It may take up to 2 business days for your ONE Card to work on all GRT buses and ION light rail.

Popular destinations and how to get there from Doon campus:
DestinationWhat's thereHow to get there on transit
Doon campus Main campus

Route 201 iXpress Fischer-Hallman
Route 203 iXpress Maple Grove
Route 10 Pioneer
Route 16 Strasburg-Belmont
Route 36 Thomas Slee
Route 57 Blair
Route 61 Fountain
Route 76 Doon Mills

Cambridge Fountain St campus School of Engineering & Technology, School of Trades & Apprenticeship programs, and the Institute of Food Processing Technology.

Route 203 iXpress Maple Grove
Route 57 Blair
Route 61 Fountain

Cambridge downtown campus Academic upgrading, career-focused programs, LINC classes (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) and continuing education opportunities.

Route 57 Blair
Route 203 iXpress Maple Grove to Route 302 ION Bus

Kitchener downtown campus Business programming Route 10 to Fairway Station; Route 301 ION light rail to Frederick Station
Waterloo campus Hospitality and culinary arts training, information and communications technology programs. Route 10 to Fairway Station; Route 8 Weber to Waterloo campus
Reuter Drive campus Skilled trades Route 67 Eagle-Pinebush to Cherry Blossom / Fountain
Fairview Park Mall Shopping, home decor, movie theatre Route 10 Pioneer
Cambridge Centre Mall Shopping, home decor

Route 203 iXpress Maple Grove
Route 61 Fountain

Preston Towne Centre Grocery store Route 61 Fountain
Pioneer Park Plaza Grocery store Route 201 iXpress Fischer-Hallman
Route 10 Pioneer
Route 16 Strasburg-Belmont

Map of popular destinations for Conestoga College students

Need to travel somewhere else? Use our trip planner to plan your trip.

Schedules and real-time information

You can find bus and train schedules on our Schedules page, or find real-time bus departure information by using an app like Transit or Google Maps.

How to ride the trainWillis Way Station platform

Tap your ONE Card on the platform card reader at the end of the platform.

Stand on the platform behind the yellow line. The train doors will line up with the black sections of the platform. Stand back from the doors to allow other passengers to exit before you board.

Each upcoming station will be announced and shown on the displays inside the train. The train will stop at each station, so you don't need to signal your stop.

How to ride the bus

Finding your bus stop

All bus stops have a stop marker with the 4-digit stop number. There are two styles of bus stop marker:

Old stop marker design for local routes  New design of local stop marker

To find out when the bus will arrive:

  • Text the four-digit stop number to 57555. You'll get a text back with the next three departures from your stop.
    Standard rates for text messaging from your service provider will apply. No additional fees for this service will be charged by GRT.
  • Call 519-585-7555, select option 1, and enter your four-digit stop number. 
  • Use a mobile app like Transit or Google Maps and select your stop.

Boarding the bus

Stand next to the bus stop marker to let the driver know you want to board. When you board, tap your ONE Card on the farebox.

Exiting the bus

All GRT buses have automated stop announcements and display the next stop. When you hear or see the name of your stop, pull the yellow cord or press the red stop button to let the driver know you want to get off.

Exit through the rear door if you can. Wait for the green light above the doors to light up, then hold your hand in front of the sticker to open the doors.

More info on how to ride, or check out our video about how to ride GRT.

Bicycles on transit

Bicycles are welcome on all GRT buses in the bike rack. You can also bring your bicycle on board the train by standing with it in the priority seating area. Always walk/hold on to your bike at station platforms and at bus stops; do not ride on platforms.

Learn more about how to bring your bicycle on board