GRT's No Show Policy was introduced to ensure that when a customer books a ride with MobilityPlus, they take the ride or cancel unneeded bookings with enough notice. The policy was designed to reduce the number of times GRT MobilityPlus vehicles arrive to pick up a customer at the scheduled time and the customer is not ready or available for their ride.

When you call to book a trip with GRT, we reserve a 30-minute scheduled block of time for you: this is the window of time in which the vehicle may arrive. For example, your pickup time may be 9:15 a.m., which means your pickup window is 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. The scheduled pickup time may be different from the original time you requested; please ensure you record the actual booked window.

No Shows cost the Region of Waterloo a significant amount of money. No-Shows also reduce the availability of service to other customers; when you don't let GRT know that you don't need a trip, that trip is not available to anyone else.

Please ensure that you are ready at the start of your scheduled pickup window. If you do not need a previously-booked ride, you must cancel it at least two hours before the start of your pickup window.

Definition of a No Show:

  • A trip cancelled by the customer within the 30 minute pick-up window.
  • The customer is not waiting just inside their door on the ground level of their building at the beginning of their pick-up window.
  • The customer is not ready to leave at the pick-up time (even if the delay is caused by a caregiver).
  • The customer or their caregiver refuse the ride when it arrives.
  • The customer is not waiting at the pick-up point for their return trip.
  • The customer has more parcels than they can independently manage.
  • The customer has not ensured a safe walk or pathway to their residence door in the winter.

Consequences for Repeated No Shows:

In any one calendar month, 3 occurrences of a customer No Show will result in a suspension of service for one full calendar month. 

The first time a customer has 3 No Show trips in one month, they will receive a Letter of Warning. The next time a customer has 3 No Show trips in one month, they will receive a Letter of Notice outlining the details of the three No Show trips, the month when the suspension is scheduled to occur, and information on how to challenge the suspension decision.

Customer Responsibility

It is the customer's responsibility to know and be ready for the scheduled pick-up times. Being unaware of time the hospital, their support staff or family booked the ride is not considered an adequate reason for a No Show. The customer or the customer's advocate should make every effort to cancel scheduled trips in a timely manner. It is the customer's or advocate's responsibility to provide the reasoning for not cancelling a trip. A missed trip will not be counted as a No Show if it was for reasons beyond the customer's control, as outlined below.

Definition of a missed trip, that is not counted as a No Show:

  • When a GRT vehicle arrives outside of the booked window (early or late).
  • An error is made by GRT or contractor staff.
  • Inclement weather conditions that prevent a GRT vehicle from reaching your location.
  • Unplanned customer hospitalization (documentation may be requested by GRT)
  • Program closures due to inclement weather announced by radio stations.
  • When the taxi office has not notified GRT dispatch of potential No Show, as dispatch can't verify that every effort was made to contact the customer.

Late Cancel

If you don't need a pre-booked trip, you must cancel at least two hours before the start of your 30-minute pickup window. If you cancel the trip less than two hours before the start of your pickup window, it will be considered a Late Cancel.

Cancelling trips you don't need allows other customers to book more on-demand trips.

For the first incident of a Late Cancel, customers will receive a Letter of Warning ensuring comprehension of the policy requirements and consequences. 

Customers who Late Cancel five or more times per calendar month will receive a Letter of Notice of a suspension of service for one calendar month.