Using the trip planner

  • Enter your origin and destination by typing the address, intersection, landmark or station name and selecting from the list of suggestions.
  • Click "Plan my trip" and the trip planner will generate a step-by-step itinerary in a new tab.
  • To change the date and time of travel, click on the "Leave now" button".
  • Click on the "Options" button to change your preferences for mode of travel, fewest transfers or to minimize walking.

Launch the trip planner

Next ride textNew design of local stop marker

Text your four-digit stop number to 57555. The stop number can be found on the lower right corner of the bus stop sign.

You'll receive a text back with the next three real-time departure times for your stop. If real-time departure information isn't available, you'll see an asterisk next to the time, indicating it is a scheduled departure time.

Standard rates for text messaging from your service provider will apply. No additional fees for this service will be charged by GRT.

Next ride call

Call 519-585-7555, select option 1 when prompted, and enter your four-digit stop number. The stop number can be found on the lower right corner of the bus stop sign. The next bus departure times will be read to you.

Next ride message

Message our Facebook page with your 4-digit stop number, and you'll receive an automated message back with upcoming departures from that stop. Note that this only works on Facebook, not Instagram.

Schedule and departures tools

Look up the schedule for your route at

Look up next departures from any stop at

NextRideHand holding phone with departure information displayed

Display real-time departure information on your desktop, digital monitor, or phone. You can look up a single stop, multiple stops, or a terminal or station to see all departures.

Departures display

NextRide makes it easy to display bus and train departures on any monitor or display connected to a web browser. Just launch the website, enter the numbers of the stops you want displayed, and click Go. The screen will show real-time departure information and will refresh automatically.

Realtime map

The real-time map allows you to get up-to-the-minute information about bus routes around Waterloo Region. Please note the map is for desktop use only, and is not mobile-friendly.

View the realtime map

Mobile apps

There are a number of third-party mobile apps available for transit users. All of these apps use GRT’s real-time data feeds.

Third-party applications
ApplicationPlatformMore information
Apple Maps iOS only

Google Maps iOS and Android

Transit iOS and Android

Moovit iOS and Android

Triplinx iOS and Android

This is not a comprehensive list. There may be other third-party developers that have also incorporated data feeds available from Grand River Transit.

Note: Grand River Transit does not develop or provide any of the apps listed above. Grand River Transit does not set any fees for, collect revenue from, or provide support for these apps.

Help with trip planning

If you need help planning your trip, call 519-585-7555. Live help is available 24/7.

We will need to know:

  • Day of travel (weekday, weekend or holiday)?
  • Time of travel (early morning, during the day or late night)?
  • Where you're starting
  • Where you're going