Blue priority seating decal with icons of guide dog, wheelchair, crutchesPriority seating is for the use of customers with a disability.

These seats are located close to the entrance doors of the vehicle and marked with a blue “priority seating” decal. Customers who don’t have a disability must vacate these seats for customers with a disability. Remember that not all disabilities are visible!

Operators can play a recorded announcement reminding customers to make space for someone with a disability in the priority seating area. However, operators cannot enforce priority seating or ask customers to give up their seat.

If you are sitting in the priority seating area and do not need priority seating, please give up your seat to someone who needs it.

Priority seating works when we all work together.


Can I use priority seating if I have a child in a stroller?

You can use the priority seating area if it is not occupied, but must vacate the seat for a customer with a disability. Learn more about taking a stroller on the bus 

What should customers with a disability do if the priority seating area is full?

Politely request that customers seating in the priority seating make room for you. Remember that customers in the priority seating area may have an invisible disability and do not have to disclose it.

What should you do if you’re sitting in the priority seating area?

If you don’t have a disability, be aware of those around you. Look up when other customers are boarding to see if someone needs a seat. If someone asks for a seat in the priority seating area please accommodate the request if you can. Remember that not all disabilities are visible!