In response to COVID-19, the Region of Waterloo has approved closing the curb lane on several roads to create a temporary bike lane. These temporary bike lanes are anticipated to be in place until October 31, 2020.

Learn more about the temporary bike lane project

All bus stops along these routes will continue to be served.

Boarding at stops with a break in the bike lane

At some bus stops, there will be a break in the barrels marking the bike lane and the bus will pull into the lane and stop next to the curb at the stop marker. Cyclists should wait behind the bus until it exits the lane, or they can choose to pass the bus on the left by merging into the live traffic lane.

Graphic showing temporary bike lanes with a gap for bus stop

Boarding at stops with no break in the bike lane

At other stops, the bus will stop in the lane of travel. Customers will cross the temporary bike lane to board and exit the bus. Check for bicycles before entering the bike lane. Cyclists should be alert for customers entering and exiting the bus.

Some of these stops have been shifted slightly to make it easier for customers with mobility devices or strollers to leave the curb and cross the bike lane. Operators will deploy the ramp to help customers with mobility devices or strollers board. If you have difficulty boarding the bus at any stops, please contact 519-585-7555. We will review options for these stops as needed.

Graphic showing temporary bike lanes and a mid-block bus stop

Roads and GRT routes affected

Street section

Bus route

Frederick Street between Weber and Lancaster

20 Victoria-Frederick

King Street/Coronation Boulevard/Dundas Street between Bishop and Beverly

206 iXpress Coronation

50 Dundas

Westmount Road between Block Line Road and University Avenue

12 Westmount
20 Victoria-Frederick

202 iXpress University

Erb Street between Westmount Road and Caroline Street

5 Erb

Erb Street between Peppler and Margaret Avenue (Northside lane only) 

5 Erb (No stops impacted)

Bridgeport Road between King Street and Margaret Avenue (Southside lane only)

5 Erb (No stops impacted)