GRT has looked to flexible transit as an option to serve areas that are difficult to serve with regular bus routes. 

  • Lack of a grid of arterial and connector roads
  • Neighbourhoods with winding streets, cul-de-sacs and limited connections to major roads
  • Lack of sidewalks, and buildings set far back from the street
  • Physical barriers such as rivers, highways and steep grades
  • Lower-density and new growth areas
  • Transit-dependent facilities (apartments, medical buildings, large employers, seniors' complexes) located far from transit.
901 Flex Trinity-Freeport
  • Stops at Trinity Village, Fairway Station and Grand River Hospital Freeport Campus on a regular schedule. Flex stops at Cedarwoods Crescent, Sunbeam Centre, Kingsbury Medical Centre on request.
  • Operates Monday to Friday.

901 Flex Trinity-Freeport

Route 72 Flex Boxwood
Route 72 operates on a fixed schedule with on-demand flex stop options to Boxwood Business Campus and Toyota.

Route 72 Flex Boxwood

Route 77 Wilmot
Route 77 Wilmot operates between New Hamburg and The Boardwalk Station in Waterloo. The route includes 4 scheduled stops and 13 flex stops, which are served upon request.

Scheduled stops:

  • No Frills grocery store
  • Waterloo Oxford D.S.S.
  • Snyder's/Notre Dame
  • The Boardwalk

View the Route 77 schedule

Flex stops

  • Boardwalk Medical Centre (EasyGO #1293)
  • Forrest / Cushman (EasyGO #7012)
  • Forrest / 100s Block (EasyGO #7013)
  • Hincks / James (EasyGO #7014)
  • Hincks / 50s Block (EasyGO #7015)
  • Stonecroft / Rec Centre (EasyGO #7027)
  • Stonecroft / Devonshire (EasyGO #7026)
  • Bleams / Bergey (EasyGO #7034)
  • Morningside / Postal Pick Up #4 (EasyGO #7029)
  • Morningside / Postal Pick Up #5 (EasyGO #7030)
  • Hamilton / Marvin (EasyGO #7036)
  • Boullee / Hamilton (EasyGO #7031)
  • Wilmot Recreational Complex (EasyGO #7032)

Service available to the following locations on request by calling 519-585-7555 (Press ‘3’).

Flex routing stop requests can be made from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for same day service. A customer service agent will confirm whether the trip can be made.

 Breslau on-demand transit pilot
GRT has partnered with Metrolinx (the agency that operates GO Transit) to plan an on-demand transit service in Breslau.

Breslau is a rapidly-growing part of the Region of Waterloo that currently lacks direct transit connections. It will also be home to a future GO Transit station. The pilot project would create interim transit connections to existing GRT routes and to GO services in Kitchener and Cambridge.

On-demand transit is useful in areas with low density, indirect roads, and other physical barriers. It differs from conventional transit in a few ways:

  • No fixed routes
  • Rides are shared
  • Supply of vehicles is matched to demand

The first stage of the project will be to engage with those who live, work, and travel to and from Breslau to find out what kind of service would meet their needs. Once implemented, the pilot project is planned to operate for a minimum of one year.

Learn more and share your feedback on the project