EasyGO Fare Card - A New Way to Pay!


EasyGO Fare Card

The easyGO fare card is a reusable plastic smart card that will make paying fares on Grand River Transit's family of services (including MobilityPLUS, ION, busPLUS and Kiwanis), faster, easier and more secure. 

Coming in 2017, the easyGO fare card has many benefits including the convenience to add value on your card in person or online, balance protection when registered to ensure your money is safe if your card is ever lost or stolen, and the flexibility to load one or more GRT fare products on your card to suit your needs.

There are two main types of loads: 

Stored Value: Allows you to  load a minimum of $10 to a maximum of $100 on the easyGO fare card. When you ride, the system deducts GRT's fare from the balance stored on your card. 

Passes: GRT offers a variety of passes including adult and reduced monthly passes. Passes allow you to take an unlimited number of trips as long as the pass is valid.


In future, you will be able to conveniently reload your easyGO fare card at select retailers or at Ticket Vending Machines located at ION stops and terminals within our service area.

When you're ready to ride, simply tap the easyGO fare card on the blue target located on the farebox or future ION platform validator and be on your way.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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