Route Map

Cambridge, Kitchener & Waterloo

Below are links to view maps of the complete Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo system maps. Note: These files are very large. Some computers may not have the capacity to open them.

New 2015 - 2016 Route map with changes starting September 7, 2015

2015 - 2016 Cambridge Route Map

2015 -2016 Kitchener-Waterloo Route Map

The index for both maps is on the Cambridge side of the map.

To purchase a copy

Full-colour printed city maps are available for $2 plus tax, showing all transit routes, schools, shopping centres, civic and historic sites, arenas, community centres and sports fields.

The map also serves as a Cycling Facilities Map, showing all bike lanes and multi-use trails in the three cities.

Purchase the Cambridge-Kitchener-Waterloo Transit Route Map at the following locations:

Ainslie Street Transit Terminal, Cambridge

150 Main St., Cambridge (1st floor)

750 Hespeler Rd., Cambridge

Charles Street Transit Terminal, Kitchener

150 Frederick St., Kitchener (1st floor) Note: if no one is available Citizen Service then you can purchase one on the (8th floor)

250 Strasburg Rd., Kitchener

99 Regina St., Waterloo (1st floor)

University of Waterloo Turnkey Desk