ION Public Art 

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"Continuum" by Catherine Paleczny

Conestoga station public artwork Continuum 

"Continuum" depicts the bounty of our region, and is a reflection on the progression of time and the interconnectedness of agricultural and technological resources. The binary code in the sky spells out “ION: Shaping the Future for Waterloo Region”.

Located at Conestoga station.

"Fabric of Place" by Lilly Otasevic

 Old Albert crossing public artwork Fabric of Place

"Fabric of Place" is a celebration of cultural diversity. The fabric inspired panel designs, chosen with help from the community, celebrate traditional hand-made textile techniques used by the mothers and grandmothers of many cultures. The intricate patterns also represent the connectedness in the fabric of community.

Located at the Old Albert crossing, between Northfield and Research and Technology stations. 

"The Passenger" by Brandon Vickerd

 Sculpture The Passenger by Brandon Vickerd

Seen initially as a waiting passenger, the sculpture challenges our perceptions by highlighting the urban environment as a space shared with wild animals – such as squirrels, raccoons, owls and turtles. They inhabit our city stealthily, rarely seen, and when we do meet them we are often startled to remember they are there.

Located at Research and Technology station.

"Spinal Column" by Sandra Dunn 

Grand River Hospital station public artwork Spinal Column

"Spinal Column" is a bench forged out of an actual piece of the ION light rail track. The bench depicts a spinal column, linked to our biology, health and the hospital, but more importantly is a metaphor for the ION as the spine of our community, and represents manufacturing as the backbone of the region.

Located at Grand River Hospital station.

"Because Cats Can't Fly" by Edwin and Veronica Dam De Nogales 

Kitchener Market station public artwork Because Cats Can't Fly 

Inspired by the gears of local industry, bicycles and clocks, it is a welcoming reference to the community’s past and present, a focal point for an evolving neighbourhood filled with people of all ages, who value healthy living and a sense of play.

Located at Kitchener Market station.

"Tall Tales of Mill Street" by Tara Cooper and Terry O'Neill 

Photo of Tall Tales of Mill Street with ION train passing behind 

"Tall Tales of Mill Street" celebrates the local history of Mill Street, the story of the Schneider Plant and commemorates the many remarkable tales connected to this significant location.

Located at Mill station.

"Three Sisters" by Lindsey Lickers 

Block Line station public artwork Three Sisters.

A collaborative project this artwork depicts the traditional story of Three Sisters and the Young Iroquoian Boy. "Three Sisters" is a reference to the history and culture of the First Peoples and a reminder to all of the need for community, collectiveness, unity, and sustainable food.       

Located at Block Line station.

"shaping Residency" by Stephen Cruise 

Fairway station public artwork Shaping Residency

"shaping Residency” features two sculptures inspired by the Fraktur drawing tradition of the early Mennonite settlers of Waterloo Region from Pennsylvania. Fraktur images are often found on early marriage certificates, baptismal records, and school workbooks.

Located at Fairway station.

"Arras" by Elana Zur and Lauren Judge 

Fairway station public artwork Arras

The mosaic "Arras" characterizes the present-day social fabric of ethnicities, genders, generations and commerce existing in the Kingsdale neighbourhood. The recognizable patterns and textures in the work reflect the community’s history and cultural influences.

Located at Fairway station.

"Pin art" by Ken Hall 

Cambridge Centre terminal public artwork Pin Art

Encouraging playful interaction, "Pin art" generates a stimulating interplay as residents and visitors participate in a creative exchange by manipulating the aluminum pins of the sculpture and make time for fun amidst the busy day.

Located at the Cambridge Centre terminal.