GRT Business Plan 2017-2021 

The GRT Business Plan 2017-21 was presented to the Planning and Works Committee of Regional Council on August 22, 2017.

The Regional Transportation Master Plan (RTMP) outlines a transportation network with transit at its core. GRT's Business Plan 2017-2021 maps out how we will improve our transit system over the next five years to meet those ridership targets laid out in the RTMP.

Investing in transit benefits all residents in our communities. Greater transit use makes our transportation system more efficient for all users. It also supports a strong economy, and promotes sustainable development and more liveable communities.

Read the GRT Business Plan 2017-21 (PDF)

View the ION Station Profiles, summarizing land use, active transportation connections, passenger environment and transit connections at each ION station.

Visit our New Directions page to learn how GRT is implementing the six key initiatives in the business plan.


MobilityPLUS and Kiwanis Transit Business Plan 2017-2021

The next five years will see fast-growing demand for specialized transit services in the Region of Waterloo. The Business Plan 2017-2021 outlines how those needs will be met. It also addresses the new eligibility criteria for specialized transit; a new family services concept and integration with ION; and effective use of technology.

Read the MobilityPLUS and Kiwanis Transit Business Plan 2017-2021

Grand River Transit Northfield Drive Facility 

Grand River Transit (GRT) continues to expand transit services and increase ridership.

As a result, GRT must expand their fleet of conventional and specialized transit vehicles. This includes adding buses for Bus Rapid Transit Service and providing higher capacity feeder service for Light Rail Transit.

The two existing transit facilities at Strasburg Road in Kitchener and Conestoga Boulevard in Cambridge cannot accommodate additional buses.

As a result the Region has identified the need for another transit facility to store and maintain the additional buses.

The Northfield Drive Facility project is being conducted as a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, Schedule "C", because it involves constructing a new facility that may result in impacts on property, land use and traffic operations.

Public Consultation Centre Documents

Notice of Public Consultation Centre

GRT Northfield Drive Facility PCC Exhibits

GRT Northfield Drive Facility Information Package

Grand River Transit Northfield Drive Facility - Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, Schedule 'C' and Preliminary Design

Appendix A - GRT Northfield Natural Heritage Report

Appendix B- Stage 1 and 2 Archaeology_Reports

Appendix C- Cultural Heritage Evaluation Report

Appendix D - Geotechnical Report

Appendix E - Phase I ESA Sept-2011

Appendix F- Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment Part 1

Appendix F- Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment Part 2

Appendix G- Stormwater Report Preliminary

Appendix H- Transportation Impact Study

Appendix I- CTR Noise Report

Appendix J- Air Quality Assessment

Appendix K- Consultation