A new bus-only roadway and bus stops is under construction between Phillip Street and Ring Road, opposite the Davis Centre. This will increase bus access to the interior of campus, allow GRT routes to connect directly to the new ION light rail station, and provide access to new developments on Phillip Street.

Map of transit plaza to be developed at University of Waterloo Station

Five bus routes would serve the new transit station: routes 9, 13, 19, 30. 31 and 201 iXpress.

The transit station will include bays for GRT, GO Transit and inter-city buses, large shelters and real-time GRT departure information. It will also connect to the Laurel Trail, and provide a pedestrian/cycling link between Ring Road and Phillip Street.

Proposed bus routes near University of Waterloo Station

Map of proposed bus routes around University of Waterloo Station

Icon with GRT and ION logosIcon showing intersecting routesIcon with person standing at station