You can get a new EasyGO fare card:

There is a $5 fee for new cards, and a minimum load of $10 in stored value or a pass.

MobilityPLUS customerseasyGO fare card - personalized

  • If you ride conventional buses: 
    • The EasyGO fare card will replace your MobilityPLUS photo ID card and will allow you to continue to ride GRT’s buses and the new ION light rail for free. Contact GRT at 519-585-7597 ext. 7279 to arrange to get your EasyGO fare card.
  • If you use MobilityPLUS's pre-booked vehicles, i.e. door-to-door service, you will continue to use paper tickets and passes.
  • MobilityPLUS customers who use the pre-booked service can continue to purchase paper passes and tickets from the following places:
    • GRT Customer Service Centre, 105 King St. E., Kitchener
    • Ainslie Street Terminal
    • By calling 519-585-7597 ext. 7347
  • MobilityPLUS customers can also purchase tickets from the following places:
    • K-W Accessibility, 659 King St. E., Kitchener
    • Rockway Centre, 1405 King St. E., Kitchener
    • Kitchener Downtown Community Centre, 35B Weber St. W., Kitchener

CNIB customersEasyGO fare card for visually-impaired customers

CNIB customers can ride GRT for free with a special CNIB EasyGO fare card. The CNIB card is personalized with a photo and has Braille and a small notch in the side of the card to make it easier to identify by touch. Contact GRT at 519-585-7597 ext. 7347 to arrange to get your EasyGO fare card.

CNIB cards must be renewed annually on the anniversary of the card's issue date. This can be done by visiting customer service.

Kiwanis Transit customers

At this time, EasyGO fare cards cannot be used on Kiwanis Transit vehicles. Customers can continue to buy tickets and passes from Kiwanis Transit. More information will be provided at a later date.

BusPlus routes

In the future, BusPlus vehicles will be outfitted with mobile units for tapping the fare card. Until these are in place, just show your fare card to the driver when boarding.