Everyone needs to pay to ride GRT and carry proof-of-payment.

Fare Inspectors regularly conduct fare checks. Ensure you have tapped your EasyGO fare card or ticket/transfer to the farebox on buses, or platform card reader on ION station platforms, every time you ride. If you pay with cash and are going to use ION, be sure to collect a valid ticket/transfer, this is your proof-of-payment. Keep your valid fare with you.

Valid fare includes:

  • An EasyGO fare card loaded with a valid pass or transfer
  • A valid ticket/transfer
  • A student card with a valid U-Pass or term pass (UW, Laurier, Conestoga College only)

 Fare evasion is a crime. You could receive a written warning, ban or $240.00 fine if you cannot produce your fare (Region of Waterloo code of use by-law 13-050).

 If you have received a fine, visit the Provincial Offences Court and Traffic Tickets website.