The Region of Waterloo has more than 500 kilometres of on-road bikeways and off-road multi-use trails. Every GRT bus has a bike rack, so you can combine your cycling journey with public transit.

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Bus bike racks

GRT buses are equipped with bike racks that hold two bicycles of most sizes and styles (non-motorized, two-wheeled bikes only).

If the bike rack is full, take your bike on the bus and find an appropriate area to place your bike. If the bus is full, you will not be able to board the bus with your bike and will have to wait for the next bus.

Using the bus bike rack

Loading your bike

  • Remove loose items like bottles or pumps before the bus arrives. Tell the operator you want to load your bike. You must load and unload the bike without assistance.

  • Squeeze the handle to release the rack and slowly lower it.

  • Lift your bike on to the rack and fit the wheels in the front and rear slots.

  • Pull the support arm up and over the front tire to secure your bike.

Unloading your bike

  • Leave the bus by the front door. Tell the operator you are unloading your bike. 

  • Pull the support arm out and over the front tire to release.

  • Lift your bike and raise the rack to the upright position.

  • Step away from the bus and signal to the operator you are clear of the bus.

Note: GRT is not responsible for personal injury or theft, loss of, or damage to bikes carried on buses or at bus stops.

Watch a video showing how to use the bus bike racks

Cycling and ION light railMan standing with bicycle in priority seating area

You can bring your bicycle on board ION trains – single-seat, two-wheeled, non-motorized bikes only.

Board through the double doors, which are designated with a bicycle decal. Stand with your bike in the priority seating area and hold on to your bike at all times. Ensure your bike is not blocking aisles or doors.

One bike per priority seating area for up to four bikes per train.

Passengers with bikes must vacate the priority seating area for persons with disabilities. If an arriving train has no bike spaces available or is too crowded with standing passengers, wait for a train with available space.

Bike racks

Bike racks are available at Charles Street Terminal, Ainslie Street Terminal, and Cambridge Centre Station. There are also bike racks at ION stations, most iXpress bus stations and select satellite terminal locations. GRT's bike racks are intended for you to store your bike while riding transit.