eSolutionsGroup Limited, the creators of the EasyGO Mobile app, believes in the personal right to privacy, and is respectful of your rights in this regard. EasyGO will only collect information vital to the functionality of the application and some basic analytics information to allow us to continue improving the program.

  • Once you download the application, your unique device ID is sent to the Region of Waterloo servers so that update notifications and municipality notifications can be delivered to you. You can disable these notifications at any time using the settings page accessible via the "Gear" icon in the top right hand corner of the EasyGO Mobile dashboard.
  • The application will use your mobile GPS in order to determine your geolocation and provide real-time information for you. You can disable this function by navigating to the settings page accessible via the "Gear" icon in the top right hand corner of the EasyGO mobile dashboard.
  • Page visits within the EasyGO app are recorded solely for analytic purposes but cannot be tied back to an individual as only a unique "device id" is transmitted to Region of Waterloo servers. The type of device being used such as the user agent and device type (Windows Phone, IOS, Blackberry 10, etc.) is also stored. These analytics are used by the Region of Waterloo client as well as eSolutionsGroup Limited for the sole purpose of product improvements.
  • When a problem report is submitted within the EasyGO mobile app, the Region of Waterloo servers relay the information directly to the product support team.

All data noted above that is transmitted to the Region of Waterloo servers is transmitted over the HTTPS secure protocol.

Under no circumstances will the Region of Waterloo or eSolutionsGroup provide collected information to any third party unless compelled by a court order or applicable law.