Check here for more COVID-19 information as it relates to GRT. 

We take the health and safety of our employees and customers very seriously. Here's what we're doing and what you can do to make transit safe during COVID-19:

What we’re doing

  • Applying a long-lasting antimicrobial solution to all vehicles
  • Extra cleaning of frequently-contacted surfaces on buses, trains and at stations
  • Installing temporary driver barriers on all buses
  • Mandatory COVID-19 health screen for all GRT employees before they start their shift
  • Managing physical distancing inside customer service locations
  • Automatically opening doors on ION trains so you don't have to press buttons

What you can do

  • Stay home and don't take transit if you're sick
  • Wear a mask or other face covering while you’re riding
  • Spread out from other passengers as much as possible
  • Wash or sanitize your hands when you arrive at your destination
  • Don't sit in the seats directly behind the operator
  • Pay your fare with a fare card or ION transfer, rather than cash
  • Have your fare payment ready; tap and move quickly past the operator and the yellow line
  • Avoid unnecessary trips to customer service; call 519-585-7555 to check for lost and found items before coming in
  • Purchase fare products online or at fare vending machines wherever possible
  • When possible, travel at less busy times

Wearing masks

Masks are mandatory on GRT vehicles, inside bus shelters and on station platforms. Some exceptions apply. Full details: