Grand River Transit is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our customers, employees and our community. To ensure your safety and the safety of others, anyone using our services must follow GRT’s Rules for Riding.

Fare payment

Proper attire and personal hygiene

  • Shirts and shoes must be worn while riding GRT buses and light rail.
  • Please refrain from wearing strong smelling perfumes or colognes while riding. Other riders may have allergies or strong reactions to various smells.
  • Personal grooming should be done at home and not while you’re riding the bus or train.
  • To ensure a safe and comfortable ride for all of our customers, a rider’s behaviour or personal hygiene must not disrupt the experience or service for others.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs

  • Smoking and vaping are not permitted on board vehicles, inside shelters, on ION platforms, or any GRT property outside of designated smoking areas. Violators are subject to removal from the property and/or a maximum fine of $2000.

  • No smoking or vaping medical cannabis indoors, at bus stops/shelters, ION stations or areas marked “No Smoking”;
  • No smoking or vaping recreational cannabis;
  • No consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs; 

Bicycles and personal transportation devices

Pets and service animals

  • Small animals must be in kept in a small crate or enclosure.
  • No large animals, excluding service animals.
  • Service animals that accompany passengers with disabilities, such as guide dogs, are welcome at all public areas of the Grand River Transit system.

    If you have a service animal, please remember:

    • The animal must be under your care and control at all times.
    • Service animals must not pose a risk to other passengers or to GRT operators.
    • If your service animal does not wear a vest or harness, you may be asked to provide acceptable documentation from a regulated health professional, confirming the animal is required due to a disability.
      • If you would prefer to tap an extra EasyGO card, rather than show documentation from a regulated health professional stating that your animal is needed because of a disability, please complete and submit a Service Animal EasyGO Card application.
  • For more information on service animals, please visit the Diversity, equity and inclusion section of the Region of Waterloo's website.
  • All persons using a service animal must meet the criteria stated in the Ontarians with Disabilities Act.
  • If you notice a service animal while using Grand River Transit, please remember:
    • Do not distract or interact with the animal. It is a working animal and must pay attention at all times.
    • Be aware of the service animal and give it enough space, and avoid stepping on the animal

Large items

  • No large or unsecured carry-on items that could inconvenience other riders, be offensive or dangerous.

Riding the bus or train

  • Do not disturb or obstruct an Operator.
  • When riding the bus, stand behind the yellow line at the front of the bus.
  • Do not block aisles and doorways.
  • Wear headphones and keep the volume low when using devices, so as not to disturb others.
  • Keep your feet off the seats to keep the seats clean and available for other customers.
  • Hold backpacks and bags on your lap so they do not take up seats.
  • Do not hold the train doors open. Preventing the train from leaving by holding the doors open may result in a fine.
  • Keep food and drink in closed, spill-proof containers. Take your garbage and recycling with you when you leave.

Priority seating Blue priority seating decal with icons of guide dog, wheelchair, crutches

  • Priority seating is for use of people of all ages with disabilities and mobility challenges. Priority seating is located close to the entrance door of the bus and train, and marked by blue decals.
  • All other customers must vacate these seats upon request. Remember that not all disabilities are visible!
  • Learn more about priority seating

Prohibited activity

  • No soliciting, or selling, attempting to sell or distribute any goods or service;
  • No graffiti or vandalism;
  • Do not use profanity, obscene language or racial slurs;
  • Do not act in a manner that is perceived as threatening, intimidating or harassing;
  • Do not create a nuisance, disturb the peace or act contrary to public order;
  • No spitting, urinating, littering or causing unsanitary conditions;
  • No activity that is contrary to any posted rules for Transit Property
  • No activity contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada, Provincial Statutes or Municipal By-laws  is permitted.


  • Those who refuse to pay the fare or fail to provide proof of payment may receive a written warning, ban or $240.00 fine if you cannot produce your fare.
  • Individuals engaging in any prohibited activity as outlined in the Region of Waterloo Code of Use By-law 13-050 are subject to a fine, removal or ban from Grand River Transit Properties and/or Services.