The Transit Support Person program is designed for people who require assistance using transit to get to their destination. The program allows a customer's support person to travel for free on GRT's conventional or specialized services.

Any customer who requires support can apply for a PLUSone card. The PLUSone card identifies a person who requires assistance while traveling on GRT due to a disability. The person providing assistance will not pay a fare.

There is no fee for your first card. If you need to replace your card, there will be a $5 fee.

Eligibility for the Transit Support Person program

The program is open to anyone who, due to a disability, cannot travel independently on conventional or specialized transit service. The support person can be a family member, friend, paid attendant or volunteer - anyone who travels with you to assist you in using transit.

On door to door MobilityPLUS service, all infants/children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or support person; children 12 years of age or younger are not permitted to travel alone on MobilityPLUS.

Applying for the Transit Support Person program

Complete the application form. You may:

  • Complete the online application
  • Call Customer Service at 519-585-7555 to have a form mailed to you.
  • Pick up a form in person at the Customer Service Centre (105 King St. E., Kitchener) or Ainslie Street Terminal.

The application should be completed by a health care professional with one of the following designations:

  • Licensed physician
  • Registered nurse practitioner
  • Registered nurse
  • Certified psychologist/psychiatrist
  • Licensed physiotherapist
  • Registered occupational therapist
  • Licensed optometrist/ophthalmologist
  • Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers
  • Developmental Services Resource Centre Service Coordinator
  • CCAC Care Coordinator
  • Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist

Any fees charged by a health care professional will not be reimbursed by GRT.

Submit the completed form to Grand River Transit, 250 Strasburg Rd, Kitchener ON N2E 3M6. Fax: 519-744-2899 

Using the PLUSone card

The PLUSone card is a photo ID card that has the picture of the person who requires assistance. The card is carried by the person who requires assistance.

The PLUSone card should be shown to the operator when boarding, along with your fare or MobilityPLUS photo ID card.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I do not need help on the bus, but I need someone to help me get my groceries, can they travel with me for free?
No, the help must be required for using the bus or MobilityPLUS, not for the activity at your destination.
2. I lost my card, what do I do?

If your card was lost, stolen or is damaged, visit GRT customer service to have a new card issued. There will be a $5 replacement fee.

3. I already have a MobilityPLUS ID card, can I just use that?
No, not everyone who qualifies for MobilityPLUS is eligible for a PLUSone card. Not everyone who qualifies for a PLUSone card will be eligible for MobilityPLUS.

A MobilityPLUS card shows that the person is eligible to participate in the taxi coupon program and travels free on conventional buses and trains, whereas a PLUSone card shows that a person requires support when travelling on either conventional or specialized service.

4. I already have a PAL card, can I just use that?
No, the PAL (Personal Attendant for Leisure) card is not accepted on GRT.
5. Can someone from North Dumfries get a PLUSone card?
Yes, anyone who uses GRT and GRT MobilityPLUS services can apply for one.
6. If I show my MobilityPLUS Photo ID card, do I still have to show my PLUSone card in order for my support person to ride for free?
Yes, remember you must show the PLUSone card to allow the Support Person to travel for free.